World Youth Alliance (WYA) Certified Training Program 2022

The World Youth Alliance (WYA) Certified Training Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

WYA Certified Training Program

The Certified Training Program (CTP), originally known as Track A, is a collection of literature that serves as the intellectual foundation for WYA’s goal.

It gives a synopsis of philosophical, historical, and contemporary writings that deal with human dignity and rights. Those who finish the CTP will be able to express and defend the ideals of human dignity in public spaces. The workshop is free and available to all World Youth Alliance members. It is a requirement to participate in several of WYA’s programs (internships, specialized conferences, advocacy work).

Training Details

Members must read all of the CTP articles and successfully complete the questions for each chapter in order to get the certification. Training may be completed via the regional internship program or online, with readings and responses submitted through a web-based training zone and assessed by the member’s region’s Director of Operations.

After all of the answers have been submitted and accepted, the newly trained member will be invited to a face-to-face or Skype accreditation interview with the regional personnel. An annual summer camp is held in the Asia Pacific area, where participants participate in a week-long intense CTP that culminates with an accreditation session.

The member will get a certificate honoring their achievement and formally distinguishing them as a “Certified Trained Member” after successfully completing the accreditation interview.


After completing the CTP and receiving certification, you will:

  • Prepare you to speak up in favor of human dignity in a clear and powerful manner.
  • Give you a language to engage the world society and greater culture on topics such as human dignity, human rights, and holistic development.
  • Allow you to speak on behalf of WYA and actively engage in WYA events. These are some of the opportunities:
  • Apply for an international internship.
  • Create a WYA chapter or club, if you don’t already have one.
  • Create and lead a CTP group in your community.
  • Participate in the International Solidarity Forum every year.
  • Participate in local and international activities to represent WYA.

WYA Certified Training Program | Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be between the ages of ten and thirty.
  • Excellent command of the English language;
  • Connection to the Internet;
  • You must be a member of the WYA.

How to Apply for the WYA Certified Training Program

Fill out the appropriate region’s application form. Once your application has been received, you will get an e-mail notice. Please contact your regional office if you have any queries.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: Ongoing

Visit the World Youth Alliance for more information.

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