World Innovation Summit for Education WISE Awards 2022

The World Innovation Summit for Education WISE Awards 2022 is now accepting applications.

World Innovation Summit for Education

The WISE Awards honor and promote six outstanding and innovative initiatives that solve global educational concerns each year.

WISE has received almost 3,000 submissions from over 150 countries since 2009.

Today, 78 initiatives from a broad range of industries and regions have been recognized for their originality, good impact, and capacity to adapt and grow.

These initiatives reflect an expanding pool of knowledge and solid educational practice.

Every year, WISE cultivates a network of educational innovators that provides fertile ground for ground-breaking partnerships.

The WISE Awards network now includes cutting-edge initiatives that are transforming cultures and communities for the better.


WISE provides assistance to winning initiatives in a variety of ways:

  • Each WISE Awards-winning initiative will get a cash prize of US$20,000.
  • WISE Communications: WISE recognizes projects by putting them on the website, showcasing them, and sharing them with the WISE community via social media.
  • Multimedia productions: To highlight the work of the winning projects, special films and movies are created.
  • WISE Books: WISE Books, which address contemporary issues and solutions confronting 21st-century education, have included many WISE Awards finalists and winning projects.
  • Award-winning project representatives are also given the chance to present and debate their work in specialized sessions during the global biennial summit in Doha, Qatar, or WISE regional conferences. Projects are also given the option to take part in global events produced in partnership with WISE.
  • Support for other WISE initiatives: Former winning project representatives have been active in other WISE projects via mentoring, selection procedures, and fellowship programs.

World Innovation Summit for Education Requirements

  • Any type of organization working in the field of education, such as colleges, universities, academic networks, school consortia, civil society and community organizations, governments, international agencies, and private-sector companies, is invited to apply or nominate ongoing/existing education projects.
  • Pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational training, higher education, special needs education, education for individuals with disabilities, informal learning, and distance-based, non-formal, and lifelong learning are all examples of education sectors where projects may be found.
  • Finally, initiatives from all across the globe are eligible to apply for the WISE Awards or be nominated for them.

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The WISE Awards honor innovative educational programs that have already had a positive influence on people, communities, and society.

A perfect project would be a long-term, creative, and effective educational program that:

  • Has an established track record of success
  • Is it financially viable?
  • Has a comprehensive strategy that outlines the project’s future goals and progress.
  • Is it expandable?
  • Is it possible to replicate it in different situations and parts of the world?
  • Has a thorough grasp of and familiarity with:
  • its pioneering spirit;
  • its uniqueness within its field of operation, and
  • the nature and extent of its influence on the people who benefit from it

Application for World Innovation Summit for Education

You may apply for a WISE Award on behalf of your own initiative or propose another project for consideration.

In order for your application/nomination form to be considered, it must include the following information:

  • Be submitted into the internet system’s official form (curriculum vita or other forms of documents will not be considered)
  • Be thorough and precise.
  • Must be written in English.
  • By the official deadline, be filed online.
  • In the event of an application, two supporters’ contact information must be included on the form (e.g. former donors, local governments, other NGOs, etc.)

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: January 17, 2022

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