World Health Organisation Youth Council Nomination in 2022

The World Health Organisation Youth Council Nomination is accepting nominations to serve on its board of directors. 

World Health Organisation Youth Council Nomination

The World Health Organization Youth Council wants to work with representatives from health and non-health youth organizations to co-create a comprehensive and inclusive WHO Youth Engagement Strategy.

The WHO is establishing the Youth Council as a dynamic network for stakeholders to highlight the perspectives and experiences of young people, as well as to harness and develop their skills, enthusiasm, and ideas for the benefit of public health.

The ideas, experiences, and skills of your organization will assist WHO in its efforts to increase youth contributions to public health systems, allowing our Member States to actively engage young people as essential drivers in policy-making processes.

The WHO Youth Council will be governed by the following principles:

  • must have a membership and structure that is inclusive and varied, with gender balance and enough representation from all stakeholder groups, geographical areas, and economic levels;
  • to make all procedures, including the operational plan and actions, transparent;
  • to guarantee that all actions are carried out in accordance with WHO regulations and standards; and
  • to promote WHO’s goals on youth’s contribution to the public health agenda by facilitating collaboration among interested parties

World Health Organisation Youth Council Nomination Requirements

  • WHO is searching for young groups from throughout the world that fall under the following categories:
  • groups that work across borders
  • groups that aren’t the government (including patient organisations)
  • institutes of higher learning
  • foundations for philanthropy
  • Members of the Youth Parliament.
  • The organization should provide a substantial contribution to public health and the WHO Youth Council’s objectives, vision, and goals, as well as show, demonstrated support for WHO’s youth-related work and activities.
  • The organization should be engaged on a global and regional level in the area of youth and public health, with at least three years of experience and knowledge in the sector.

Application for World Health Organisation Youth Council Nomiation

Fill out the form and submit your expression of interest if your organization is interested in participating. It’s important to note that your declaration of interest should show your commitment to meaningful youth involvement as well as particular areas of interest that are special to your organization.

World Health Organisation Youth Council Nomination Deadline

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: December 2, 2021

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