What Is The Difference Between Monotechnic and Polytechnic?

You might be wondering whether what is the difference between Monotechnic and Polytechnic in the Nigerian educational system?

However, Monotechnic and polytechnic are some of the academic gateways in the higher institution.

The following academic gateway are acredited by NBTE.

Nevertheless, Polytechnic is as well one of the technical higher education where citizens can learn innovative and technical skills.

But there are difference between the monotechnic and polytechnic.

Besides, let first take a good look at what is the meaning of Monotechnic.

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What is Monotechnic?

A Monotechnic is an educational institution where a single specific technical subject is taught.

Monotechnic is not a worldwide know word and cannot be found in a dictionary.

Nevertheless, you can only find this word to be used in Nigerian education most especially from NBTE.

What is Polytechnic?

Polytechnic is an institution of higher education offering courses at degree level or below, especially in vocational subjects.

This kind of institution of higher education is also found in another part of the world.

Polytechnic is mostly compared with universities institution in Nigeria.

Students in Nigerian University are seen as superior and more considered in any employment sector in Nigeria.

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What is the difference between Monotechnic and polytechnic?

The difference between Monotechnics and Polytechnics is that Monotechnic is a higher education technical college.

They provide learning to students in a specific technical subject and thus are very specialized institutions.

While Polytechnics is a multiple discipline technical colleges that provide higher technical education and training.

For instance, The Federal College of Agriculture, Moor Plantation, Ibadan Oyo state is a Monotechnic.

This institution was accredited to operate as a single disciplinary course which is agriculture.

If an institution was accredited for a single course then it is a Monotechnic.

But if an educational institution was accredited for multiple technical courses like Agricultural Technology, mass communication, and so on.

Then this such institution is categories into the Polytechnics in Nigeria.

More of this Monotechnic move ahead to create more courses than the accredited ones.

This has bring a more conflict in the Nigerian educational system.

If you happen to find yourself in a Monotechnic, You are prompt to find out the course the institution was accredited for student enrollment.

If an institution undertake unaccredited courses and you happen to enroll in any.

You will face problems in the future which means that your certificate will not be honor by employers.


Monotechnic is a vocational institution of higher education in Nigeria that can only enroll a student for a single academic course.

While Polytechnic is a vocational institution for higher education in Nigeria that can enroll any student in more than one academic course.

Both academic institutions must receive accreditation from the NBTE and their courses take 2 to 3 years for diploma or certificate.

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  1. Thanks for the enlightenment of this but I’m a fashion design and I do apply for a polytechnic to study fashion design and clothing technology, will like to be written some article that deals with the fashion and design as well, so between poly and mono which one did you think it will be best for me I’m in need of advice please.. And which one deals with practical aspects and tours most?