Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Are you reading this article to know the washing machine prices in Nigeria?

This article will highlight the costs of purchasing these electric washers to handle your laundry needs.

The use of washing machines has made laundry work easy.

The usefulness of these machines can’t be underestimated as they are very effective and time-efficient.

If you’re interested in buying a machine of this kind, you aren’t a long way from getting it, as we have given prices of the best clothes washers brands in the country.

This write-up will likewise feature the pros and cons, and things to consider before buying a washing machine.

A Brief Description of Washing Machines

Washing machines are electrical-controlled equipment that works the process of removing stains on clothes.

These machines are very useful especially when you think about the time and exertion in physically washing clothes.

Washing machines likewise diminishes pressure and time in washing clothes with the human hands.

Moreover, washing machines are classified based on the type of loader, their sizes, operations, work functions, and as well their prices, which will be our aim here.

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Considerations Before Buying A Washing Machine in Nigeria

As we have already stated, a wide range of washing machines are classified depending on their operations, how they’re loaded, the volume of work they do, and others like power consumption.

The Operations they Carry Out

Not all washing machines perform just washing functions, yet some quality ones additionally do different tasks like drying and washing.

These types of machines are preferred because of the multitasking functions they have.

They by and large help with lessening the burden and cost of drying clothes after wash.

Type of Loader

A talk of the loader in washing machines implies how the machine opens for the washing to be conveyed.
There are different types of loaders which are the top, and front or side loaders.

  • Top loader: The top loader is one in which the clothes are loaded into the machine from the top. This sort may not effectively get a knock and will require less effort in loading.
  • Front or side loader: These are the kind of loaders in which clothes are to be put from the back in washing. This sort is liked for users who expect on utilizing the washer for industrial purposes as it will be adaptable to convey various activities.

Size of Washing Machines

The size of washing machines is also important to look at.

Typically, clothes washers can be characterized dependent on the weight and sizes they have.

Their sizes vary as it ranges from 5kg, 6kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 13kg, and so forth, contingent upon your choice.

These variations are made because various machines are produced to meet a particular function.

Also, their quality and viability will be differing same as their loads.

Power Consumption

The rate of power consumption is another important factor to consider before buying a washing machine.

You should look at how much power the machine can take before you purchase it.

It is better to go for power-efficient machines that can do the essential clothing stuff and can be controlled by your generator set.

This implies that you should check on washers that meet the power output of your generator.


There are different brands of washing machines all over the Nigerian market today.

With these numbers, the best are Haier Thermocool, LG, Scanfrost, Midea, Qasa, Nexus, and a few others.

When going for any of these machines, you should check out the features they have and be cautious of the functions of the equipment.

List of Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Let’s take a gander at the washing machine prices in Nigeria.

The prices of clothes washers are entirely moderate these days than in the past when only the rich could bear the cost of it.

One contributing factor to that is the lively competition of producing companies to deliver washing machines that are efficient, exquisite, and affordable depending on the monetary capacity of their clients.

Here is a rundown of the prices of various washing machines that are available in the Nigerian market.

  • 4.6kg Single Tub-in-tub Washing Machine Binatone N25,650
  • Haier Thermocool Washing Machine TLW3.5 Haier N29,990
  • Scanfrost Washing Machine Semi Automatic SFWMTTA Scanfrost N55,200
  • Washing Machine WP- 750R LG N57,000
  • Washing Machine TwinTub WMP-750R(5kg Washing And Spin Capacity)Top Loader With RollerJet. LG N65,500
  • 10kgTwin Tub Washing Machine Midea N75,000
  • 8kg Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Haier Thermocool N80,300
  • LG Washing Machine Top loader 13 KG Automatic 1049 LG N172,000
  • LG Washing Machine WM-1280 – 6KG Direct Drive LG N268,000
  • LG Washing Machine Automatic 17KG Washer and Dryer 1255RD LG N512,000

That’s the view of the prices of top brands of washing machines that are available in the country’s market at the moment.

However, note that there may be some slight difference in the prices stated above from what is obtained in the current market.

This could be due to the time and location of buy, the currency exchange rate, and the classification of the machine.

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Where to Buy Washing Machines in Nigeria

Even though washing machines are available in most electronic stores in the country, however, it of your best interest to buy from a good place.

Here are our preferred places to source your clothes washer.

Electronic Stores

Electronic/electrical stores in the country have a lot of good brands of washing machines available to be purchased.

You can exploit their collection by going to these stores to get your machine at a good price.

Online Stores

A great deal of online stores like Jumia, Konga, Amazon likewise sells washing machines.

Another interesting thing about these sellers is that they have a wide scope of these laundry machines to choose your choice.

You can likewise get the best equipment from these shopping destinations, by getting washing machines that are durable and will address your laundry needs with good buying offers.

Moreover, the availability of washing machines in online stores is due to the offer of various types of machines at electronic stores in the country.

This makes the products to be open to all and sundry.

Conclusion on Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Washing machines are very important machines for both home and commercial laundry.

Though a lot of people think their prices are very high, however, that’s not the case.

The costs of these machines rely upon their specifications.

Moreover, clothes washers are of various types and have exclusive functions and quality, giving guaranteed convenience to real-time laundry.

That’s the size of this article as we have expressed much on washing machine prices in Nigeria.

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