VLIR-UOS ICP Connect Scholarship for Master Program 2022

The VLIR-UOS ICP Connect Scholarship for Master’s Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

VLIR-UOS ICP Connect Scholarship for Master Program 2022

International study programs organized at one or more Flemish institutions are known as ICP Connect study programs.

The programs are focused on topics that are in line with Agenda 2030 and SDG ideals.

VLIR-UOS sponsors a total of 15 ICPs and awards ten new first-year scholarships to each of them each year.


  • Scholarships from VLIR-UOS include tuition, travel, insurance, and living costs (board and lodging). Scholarships are only available for the whole term of the Master’s program (12/24 months). A partial scholarship application is not feasible.

VLIR-UOS ICP Connect Scholarship Requirements

  • Candidates must be citizens of one of the 29 qualifying countries and residents of one of these countries at the time of application (not necessarily the same country).
  • Candidates must be 35 years old or older on January 1 of the year of admission for an initial master’s degree and 45 years old for an advanced master’s degree.
  • Candidates working in higher education, government, or civic society, or those pursuing a career in one of these fields, will be given priority. Candidates who work in the private sector or who have just graduated and have no job experience may be considered provided they have a high drive and profile.
  • Candidates are only allowed to apply for one ICP Connect scholarship each year.
  • Candidates must not have previously obtained a government scholarship to undertake a study program in Belgium and must not have enrolled in a study program at a Belgian higher education institution before January 1 of the admission year.

Selection Criteria for VLIR-UOS ICP Connect Scholarship

Scholars are seen as potential change agents in the ICP Connect paradigm, with the ability to contribute to social change in their home nation (or area) after finishing their studies.

Scholars are chosen via an impartial review of their scholarship applications that considers the following factors:


Candidates’ motivation and professional objectives must show their ability to transmit knowledge/skills or set up extension initiatives, as well as emphasize sustainable development and study program-related issues. Academic performance is crucial, but so is the capacity and dedication of the students to become “agents of change” when they finish their studies.

Professional experience

Candidates with a better probability of applying and/or transmitting newly acquired knowledge/skills in a sustainable development environment, such as higher education, government, civil society, or the corporate sector, will be given preference, therefore contributing to constructive social change.

Gender balance

The goal is to have a balance of male and female applicants receiving ICP Connect scholarships. Female applicants are particularly encouraged to apply to VLIR-UOS.

Regional balance

If there are enough suitable applicants, an appropriate cross-section of experts from various nations and areas would be sought.

Leave No One Behind (LNOB):

In the event that two applicants are equally qualified, individuals from vulnerable groups shall be given precedence.

Previously awarded scholarship:

Candidates who have never won a scholarship to study in a higher-income nation will be given priority (bachelor or master).

Application for VLIR-UOS ICP Connect Scholarship

  • Confirm your eligibility using all of the criteria provided.
  • Take a peek at the Master’s programs that have been chosen.
  • On their separate websites, you may learn more about the Master’s programs.
  • If you’re interested in a particular program, go to the university’s website and follow the steps there.
  • Apply for admission to the program as well as the scholarship on the university’s website. Make a note of whether you want to apply for a scholarship when you apply for the program. Don’t apply to more than one Master’s program in a given year.

For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: Vary by program

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