VC4A Venture Showcase Africa 2022 for Women Founders

Applications for the VC4A Venture Showcase Africa 2022 are now open.

VC4A Venture Showcase Africa

VC4A is searching for up to 16 women entrepreneurs running innovative, high-growth scale-ups to present to the global network of Africa-focused investors.

Do you have a business in Africa that is profitable and wants to fund between $250K and $10M? This is the chance you’ve been searching for!

According to the Africa: The Big Deal study, 93 percent of Africa’s investment would go to businesses managed by male CEOs in 2021. Looking at the composition of founding teams in 2021, a single man founder or a founding team with at least one male co-founder raised almost 99 percent of the investment.

VC4A has launched a call for women-led companies from throughout Africa, based on this understanding and as a community member devoted to assisting the startup ecosystem. Apply if you are the CEO of a fast-growing company with a demonstrable impact potential that is in the process of expanding its operations in the area.


  • Being named a VC4A Venture Showcase entrepreneur in 2022.
  • 200+ early-stage investor groups participated in the VC4A Venture Showcase deal room.
  • At Africa, Early Stage Investor Summit, a professionally edited 3-minute virtual pitch was displayed (November 2-4, 2022).
  • In a separate room, investors will have a 30-minute deep-dive discussion.
  • Mentorship and technical assistance from partnered venture capitalists and corporations.
  • AWS Activate provides a set of cohort credits, tools, and resources to help you get started with AWS rapidly.
  • Become a member of the alumni network and get access to special partner events and fundraising opportunities.

VC4A Venture Showcase Africa | Eligibility Criteria

  • You have a strong management team of at least three persons, one (or more) of whom is a woman founder;
  • Your firm is a for-profit business that is registered as a separate legal entity.
  • You have a marketable product or service that generates income;
  • Your product or service is obviously unique, and/or your business strategy is novel, disruptive, and scalable;
  • Your organization is headquartered in one or more African nations;
    At least one of the founding members is of African descent.
  • You’re looking for a $250K to $10M Seed or Series A investment.
  • While there are exceptions, it’s likely that your startup has already received external funding, either in the form of debt or equity or in the form of grants from charitable organizations.

Selection Criteria

25 percent of the commercial value of your product/service: Your business solves a genuine need in the marketplace. Your product or service is unlike anything else on the market. Your company concept is brand new, and it’s built to scale.

Growth Strategy (25%): The market is large, and there is room for expansion both locally and into other markets. Your business is scalable and has a well-defined growth plan. You’ll be able to demonstrate that you’ve made improvements.

Management Team (25% of the total): Your staff has the necessary credentials to ensure the company’s success. Members of the management team have complementary skills.

Market Traction & Financials (25%): They’ll look at your market traction, income sources, and unit economics to see how well you’re doing. It’s a bonus if any outside cash has been raised before.

How to Apply for the VC4A Venture Showcase Africa

If you are chosen for the Showcase, you must complete the following:

  • Prepare your 3-minute and 20-minute presentations, as well as 2-pagers with investor data as part of the deal book, with the help of designated mentors (partner VC investors) and the VC4A team.
  • Prepare to pitch and connect with VC investors at the VC4A Venture Showcase and Africa Early Stage Investor Summit 2022 (#AESIS2022) in October and November 2022.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: May 27, 2022

Visit VC4A Venture Showcase for more details.

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