UQ-IITD Academy of Research Joint PhD Program for International Students in Australia 2022

For the academic year 2022/23, the University of Queensland is accepting applications for the UQ-IITD Academy of Research Joint PhD Program in Australia.

You can get a scholarship to study on diverse projects at two world-leading, research-intensive schools – The University of Queensland (UQ) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IITD) – through the UQIDAR joint-PhD program.

You will be conferred a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from both UQ and IITD if you complete the program successfully.

The projects are divided into five categories:

  • Healthy ageing
  • Feeding the world
  • Resilient environment
  • Technology for tomorrow
  • Transforming societies

Worth of Scholarship

The following are some of the program’s benefits:

  • Stipend for living expenses
  • In four years, you will have completed your global certification.
  • Scholarships generously given
  • Facilities and resources of the highest caliber
  • Examine the ecosystem and network.
  • Joint supervision provides global expertise.
  • Input from the industry

Requirements for the UQ-IITD Academy of Research Joint PhD Program

There are two types of PhD students: i-students and q-students. Depending on whether you are an i-student or a q-student, the qualifying standards are varied.


As i-students, Indian nationals and foreign candidates (with citizenship other than Australia) would be considered. i-students will spend their first year of studies at IITD before continuing their education at UQ for one year (or more). They would subsequently finish the rest of their education at IITD.


Domestic students from Australia will be considered for admission as q-students. q-students will spend their first year at UQ before transferring to IITD for one year (or more).

How to Apply for the UQ-IITD Academy of Research Joint PhD Program

Here is where you may apply as an Indian/international student (i-student).

As a domestic worker in Australia, apply here.

Deadline for applications: Ongoing. 

For more information and to apply, go here.

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