Uproot Project Environmental Justice Fellowship 2022 for Journalists in the U.S. (up to $2,000)

The Uproot Project Environmental Justice Fellowship 2022 is now accepting applications.

They hope to bring the two together via the Uproot Project’s Environmental Justice Fellowship, which will assist underrepresented journalists in shedding light on under-reported themes.

This new fellowship will provide funds to seven journalists for a year to undertake reporting initiatives. Fellows’ projects should focus on environmental justice stories, emphasizing how climate catastrophe and other pressing environmental concerns are intricately linked to other kinds of inequality. These are the types of tales that are frequently left out of mainstream environmental journalism, and which The Uproot Project is committed to bringing to light.


Fellows will receive up to $2,000 to cover travel and other reporting fees, as well as Uproot’s assistance in placing their articles with a media source if desired.

This fellowship’s funds should go straight to supporting fellows’ reporting. The following are examples of such expenses:

  • Expenses for travel
  • Translation fees
  • Access to records
  • Data analysis
  • Visualization of data

Requirements for the Uproot Project Environmental Justice Fellowship 2022 | Eligibility Criteria

  • The Uproot Project members who are journalists of color are eligible to apply. (If you’re a journalist of color who hasn’t signed up for Uproot yet, you may do so here by filling out the membership survey.) It’s completely free to join!)
  • Applicants must also be permitted to work in the United States and have a bank account and address in the United States. Citizenship in the United States is not necessary.
  • This fellowship is only open to working journalists; individuals in public relations, lobbying, or communications are not eligible. Freelance journalists are welcome to apply, and they are encouraged to do so.
  • Your application will be strengthened if you have a track record of covering environmental issues.

How to Apply for the Uproot Project Environmental Justice Fellowship 2022

You will be requested to submit a budget proposal for your project; please submit this as a spreadsheet.

A letter of support is not required, however, it is strongly recommended. Reference letters should be emailed to [email protected] and should include the applicant’s name in the subject line.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline for application: March 15, 2022

Visit Environmental Justice Fellowship for more information.

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