Universities that offer Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria (2022)

Here, we will explore a well-detailed list of Universities that offer Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria in 2022.

Want to study medicine and surgery, but don’t know how to go about choosing the right institution?

Then this article is for you.

Can’t wait?

Well…I urge you to read on.

As you may already know, Medicine and Surgery is undoubtedly one of the most competitive courses out there.

Aside from being a highly paid profession, this course has a high rate of employability.

Today, most students in Nigeria aspire to be Medical doctors.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the most mentioned professions in Nigeria.

Today, tens of Universities offer Medicine in Nigeria.

However, we will look at the best of them all.

As a sensitive course, one has to get the best education possible for courses like this.

In a bid to assist aspiring Medical students, we decided to come up with this unique list of the best Universities that offer medicine and surgery in 2022.

Without wasting too much time here, let us get down to this list.

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List Of Universities That Offer Medicine And Surgery in 2022

Here are 15 universities that offer medicine and Surgery in 2022

15. Kogi State University

Location: Kogi State

In the fifteenth place on this list, we have Kogi State University.

Often shortened as KSU, this institution is ranked as one of the best institutions for Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria.

Founded in 1999, this University has risen through the ranks in years.

Today, KSU is one of the finest Universities in the country.

If you are an aspiring Medicine student looking to study medicine and surgery, then consider KSU.

14. University of Calabar (UNICAL)

Location: Calabar, Cross-Rivers State

Featured on the fourteenth spot on this list is the University of Calabar.

Undoubtedly, this University is one of the best Federal Universities in the country.

Moreover, they have a history of producing sound graduates.

Founded in 1975, this University is ranked as one of the overall best in Nigeria.

With a method of full practical study, the College of Medical Science in UNICAL is top-notch.

With a good record, this school is highly recommended for aspiring Medicine and Surgery students.

13. University Of Abuja

Location: Abuja

Sitting on the thirteenth place on this list, we have the University of Abuja.

Located in the capital of Nigeria, this University was founded in 1988.

Through the years, this institution has continued to rise through the ranks.

Fully equipped with industry-standard facilities, the College of Health Science in this University is top-notch.

Moreover, they offer one of the most practical methods of teaching.

With a good record of Medicine and Surgery graduates, this University makes it here.

If you are looking for a good institution to start your medical career, then consider the University of Abuja.

12. University of Jos

Location: Jos, Plateau State.

Ranked as the twelfth University here, the University of Jos is also a good one for Medicine students.

Often shortened as UNIJOS, this institution was founded back in 1975.

Through the years, they have climbed up the scale to become one of the best in the country.

Successful Medicine students have emerged from this school, and you could be next.

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11. University of Port Harcourt

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Seated on the eleventh spot on this list is the University of Port Harcourt. Founded way back in 1975, this University has been active for decades now.

Talking about Medicine and Surgery, the UNIPORT College of Health Science is one of the best in Nigeria.

They offer practical teaching methods with high student satisfaction.

Moreover, they have produced successful people in the field. Accounting for so many doctors in Nigeria today, UNIPORT ranks here on this list.

10. Ambrose Alli University

Location: Ekpoma, Edo State.

Featured on the tenth spot is Ambrose Alli University.

Often shortened as AAU, this University has built a strong reputation for itself over the years.

Moreover, they now rank as one of the top ten best schools for Medicine in Nigeria. Founded in 1981, this University has continued to climb up the scale ever since.

Fully equipped with State of the art facilities, AAU College Of Medicine is a place to visit.

If you are an aspiring Medicine and Surgery student, feel free to check out this University before making a final choice.

9. Delta State University

Location: Delta State

Often shortened as DELSU, Delta State University is ranked as one of the best in terms of Medicine and Surgery.

Moreover, records of their last graduates are proof of this. The teaching hospital of this University is one of the best in the country.

With all facilities on deck, students do not miss out on anything.

Coupled with a high student satisfaction rating, DELSU is ranked as the ninth University on this list.

8. University Of Benin

Location: Benin City, Edo State.

Often shortened as UNIBEN, this university needs no introduction.

Overall, this is one of the best Universities in Nigeria. Founded back in 1970, this University is a research university established by the federal government.

Through the years, the University has proven its worth to Nigerians.

Moreover, hundreds of successful graduates in Nigeria are products of this University. So far, this is one of the sure bets for Medicine and Surgery students in Nigeria.

7. Usman Dan Fodio University

Location: Sokoto State

The Usman Dan Fodio University makes it to the seventh spot on this list. Founded in 1975, this University accounts for numerous Medicine graduates in Nigeria.

As a public research university, this institution has been active for decades now.

Through the years, they have built a strong reputation and trust for themselves.

Today, they are ranked as one of the best higher institutions in the country. With a top-notch medical college, this is a good place for Medicine and Surgery students in Nigeria.

6. Lagos State University

Location: Ikeja, Lagos State.

Well known all over the country, this is another University that needs no formal introduction.

Located in the capital of Lagos State, this University is also featured here. With an impressive medical college and one of the best learning environments, students surely gain a lot here.

Applying a practical method of teaching, students easily cope with their studies.

However, this University is a competitive one. As we speak, this university has one of the best teaching hospitals in Nigeria.

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5. University of Ilorin

Location: Ilorin, Kwara State.

Talking about federal Universities in Nigeria, this is arguably the best currently. Founded in 1975, this school is already way ahead of its peers.

Looking for one of the most stable medical colleges in Nigeria, then visit the University of Ilorin.

Through the decades, the UNI-ILORIN College Of Health Sciences has remained top-notch.

Moreover, they have produced a number of quality graduates in the field.

4. University Of Nigeria

Location: Nsukka, Enugu State.

Having made history over the decades, UNN is mentioned everywhere top class Universities are mentioned in Nigeria.

Located in Nsukka, this University has been functional since 1955.

However, they began full operation in 1960. Looking for good training in the medical field?

Then you should consider the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Having trained out some of the best doctors in Nigeria, this school is the best bet for Medicine and Surgery students.

3. Obafemi Awolowo University

In third place on this list, we have no other school than OAU.

The works of OAU need not be mentioned.

Moreover, they account for most of the successful personalities in Nigeria today.

Having produced several world-class graduates over the years, this University is ranked high in Africa as a whole.

In addition to the quality of education, this is a hub of academic competition amongst students.

The College of Health Sciences in OAU is second to nearly none in Nigeria.

With an excellent past record, this school is ranked as one of the best universities that offer Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria as of 2022.

2. University Of Lagos

Location: Akoka, Lagos State.

Often abbreviated as UNILAG, the University of Lagos is arguably the best University in Nigeria.

As one of the best Federal Universities in the country, one can expect only excellence from this institution.

The UNILAG College of Medicine is said to be the most historical in Nigeria.

Having produced one of the largest numbers of doctors through the years, they have earned a reputation in the field.

Today, UNILAG is ranked as the second-best university that offers Medicine and Surgery.

If you are an aspiring student of Medicine, then consider a place in UNILAG.

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1. University of Ibadan

Location: Ibadan, Oyo State.

Featured on the number one spot on this list is the University of Ibadan.

Often abbreviated as UI, this is indeed the best University in Nigeria as we speak.

Ranging from arts to humanity, Science, and more, UI has something for you.

Now, when we say something, we do not mean just courses.

Rather, we mean world-class courses. Founded way back in 1948, this University is currently the oldest in Nigeria.

Having produced so many legends both in the past and present, UI has the highest rating in Nigeria.

When it comes to Medicine and Surgery, this University offers one of the best teaching experiences in the country.

With well-trained staff and numerous Professors, this is a place to gain practical experience.

Moreover, the availability of rare facilities is also a thing of bliss to students. If you intend to study Medicine and Surgery in a highly competitive environment, then UI is for you.

In all, this University has produced thousands of successful doctors in the field.

You can become one of them by joining today.

Final Thoughts On Universities In Nigeria That Offer Medicine and Surgery

So far, this is the list of Universities That Offer Medicine and Surgery In Nigeria.

There are many more not mentioned here.

However, we decided to come up with the best 15 on this list.

In other words, you can call this: ‘Top 15 Universities For Medicine and Surgery In Nigeria’.

The Universities on this list are well selected.

As an aspiring student of Medicine and Surgery, studying in any of the mentioned Universities is an advantage.

Moreover, quality is key when it comes to education.

In all, we wish you success as you apply for a place in any of the chosen Universities from the list.

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