Universität Hamburg Germany Merit Scholarships for International Students

The Universität of Hamburg in Germany is accepting applications for its merit scholarships program from international students.

The Hamburg merit scholarships are open to students of all nationalities who are not German citizens.

Universität Hamburg supports excellent foreign students and doctoral researchers in all fields and at all degree levels who are socially committed and actively involved in an international setting through its merit scholarship program. A merit scholarship allows winners to focus entirely on their education while also allowing them to further improve their abilities.

Scholarship Sponsor(s): University of Hamburg, Germany

Scholarship Type: Merit Awards

Host Institution(s): University of Hamburg, Germany

Scholarship WorthSee Benefits (below)

Number of Awards: Not Stated

Study Level: All degree levels

Nationality: All Nationalities

Universität Hamburg Germany Merit Scholarships

If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for financial assistance.

  • having spent at least two semesters at Universität Hamburg studying your topic and are seeking a degree (students in two-year master’s degree programs and doctoral researchers can apply after one semester);
  • do not have German nationality;
  • are not eligible for student loans from the federal government.

Scholarship Benefits

  • The maximum financing amount each month is €850. Individual doctorate researchers may be given a merit scholarship of €1,000 per month, depending on funding availability (about 2–3 merit scholarships are awarded every cycle).
  • Scholarships for merit are given for two semesters (a total of 12 months). You have the option to reapply for a scholarship. The maximum financing length is three years in well-founded extraordinary instances.

How to Apply for the Universität Hamburg Germany Merit Scholarships

The first step in applying for a Hamburg Merits scholarship is to enroll in a university degree program. Then, using the link for your selected application period (you will be asked to check-in using your STiNE ID), apply for scholarships based on deadlines:

After that, you’ll be asked to register and finish your application.

Application Documents: The following documents must be uploaded to the online application portal:

  • CV
  • Recommendation letter in PDF form
  • evidence of social and/or intercultural interactions (if applicable)
  • STiNE printout or a collection of course certificates serves as a record of accomplishments. The final certificate is submitted by master’s students and doctorate researchers.
  • 2 professorial or junior professorial ratings from Universität Hamburg

Other teaching staff at Universität Hamburg can also provide assessments in warranted instances.

April 15th and October 15th are the deadlines for applications.

For more information, go to the official website.

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