Unity for Humanity Grant for Social Impact Creators 2022

Applications for the Unity for Humanity Grant 2022 are now being accepted.

Unity for Humanity Grant

In order to empower social impact producers, Unity for Humanity provides grant money as well as coaching and technical assistance for their RT3D projects.

For the year 2022, they will provide grants of up to $500K, including a unique Imagine Grant in cooperation with Common, which will be awarded to the initiative that best imagines a better world as inspired by Common’s most recent song, Imagine.


  • They will offer grant proposals to the Unity’s Charitable Fund, which is a fund of the Tides Foundation, from a pool of $500,000 USD in funds.
  • Aside from that, Unity will give 8 hours of technical assistance from the Unity Professional Services team (to be utilized within a one-year period), in addition to unique marketing and mentoring help.

Unity for Humanity Grant Requirements

  • Submitted projects must be prototypes or projects at any level of production in order to be considered for consideration. RT3D platforms from any manufacturer are acceptable for the Unity for Humanity award regardless of the project’s genre (game, XR, film, or solution).
  • All initiatives must be impact-driven, which means that they must have quantifiable effect objectives and/or calls to action, and/or they must address topics such as social, healthcare, education, humanitarian, and environmental challenges, among others.
  • A project’s alignment with at least one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals is also a requirement.

Selection Criteria

Unity for Humanity Grant recipients are selected using the following criteria: 

  • Vision (25%)  
  • Inclusion (25%) 
  • Impact (25%) 
  • Projects that self-identify as eligible to apply for the Imagine Grant or those are suggested by the judges to be considered for the Imagine Grant must ‘Imagine a Better World’ in order to be considered for the Imagine Grant in the 2022 call. Viability (25%)

Application for Unity for Humanity Grant

A PDF version of the pitch deck, as well as a link to a video clip or trailer of the project, will be required from all applicants to be considered.

A brief essay question on the application asks the applicant to explain their rationale for establishing the project in order to get a better chance of being selected.

Individuals are not eligible to receive the grant. Submitting your application via a legal business is recommended (e.g., a production company, studio, etc.).

Unity for Humanity Grant Deadline

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: December 3, 2021

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