UNIC Foundation Scholarship for Nigerian Students 2022

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As you may already know, this scholarship is being run by the University of Northampton through their Foundation college (UNIC).

Before we get down to further details, let us know more about the University Of Northampton.

University Of Northampton (UoN)

As you may already know, the UNIC is a part of the University of Northampton.

However, it is a separate department for Foundation programs for International students. This University is a public university that is physically based in Northampton, England.

Coming into existence from the merger between a number of training colleges, this University was created back in 1999.

However, it only became a full University in 2005.

Over the years, this school has displayed the utmost quality in terms of education.

Today, they have a very large and diverse alumni association.

Moreover, a few world personalities today were trained in this school. Due to the high student satisfaction rate, this school ranks well in the UK.

Now, without taking too much time, we will look at the scholarship program run by the Foundation department of this University.

UNIC Foundation Scholarship program For Nigerian Students in 2022

Often shortened as UNIC, the University of Northampton International College is the body behind this scholarship.

This body is actually a part of UoN.

However, they function separately. In collaboration with the University of Northampton (UoN), UNIC established the scholarship program.

Through this, the scholarship is extended to students who pass out from the UNIC to the UoN.

Over the years, several international students have benefited from this scholarship.

However, a lot of others do not know about it.

With the help of this article today, you can discover more about the UNIC Foundation scholarship, and how you can apply.

Eligibility Criteria For The UNIC Foundation Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

Just like every other scholarship scheme out there, there are some eligibility criteria to participate in the scholarship.

To be eligible for the UNIC Foundation scholarship;

  • Students must be part of a program of study at the University of Northampton International College through intakes;

September 2021, January 2022, May 2022, or September 2022.

On progressing from the foundation college to the University of Northampton, students can then benefit.

Upon progressing, students are then given the chance to gain the scholarship program.

  • Students are selected based on grades achieved during the UNIC Program.

Students who pass out with a score of 75% or above are given a 30% reduction in University Fees.

Meanwhile, those who score 70%-74% receive a 20% reduction. As for those with the range of 65%-69%, only a 10% reduction is given.

However, there are still some minor benefits.

Furthermore, students who progress are required to meet up with the debt management policy of UoN.

This includes paying for a 50% annual tuition fee before the reduction fees will be paid for enrolling in UoN.

As for the remaining balance of the reduced fee which is to be paid by the student, the deadline is often on the 15th of January (following year).

The year will be in accordance with your year of progression. From the texts above, you can confirm that the eligibility criteria are not flexible.

However, determined students always scale through.

As long as you meet up with the UoN debt management policy and tuition criteria, you are good to go.

Currently, there are no scholarships to enroll at the UNIC.

However, their fees are affordable.

Moreover, upon progression, you stand a chance to receive huge fee deductions based on performance.

Foundation Courses Offered At UNIC (Upcoming Intakes September 2021-January 2022)

Here are some of the major foundation programs offered at the University of Northampton International College.

These are for the upcoming intakes.

September 2021:

Foundation Engineering (Leading to Engineering courses at UoN).

Foundation Business (Leading to Business Studies, Leadership, and Management, or International Business at UoN).

January 2022:

Foundation of Engineering (Leading to Engineering courses at UoN).

Foundation of Business (Leading to Business-related courses at UoN).

How To Apply For The UNIC Foundation Program For Nigerian Students

From the piles of text above, I believe you already have a clue on how to apply for this scholarship.

Applying for this scholarship can not be done separately.

To qualify, just apply for a place at UNIC. Upon being accepted in a Foundation course of study at UNIC, you already qualify for the scholarship.

International students are then picked based on performance for fee reduction during progression.

To find out more about this wonderful opportunity, visit the official scholarship page of the UNIC.

Official Page: https://www.unic.navitas.com/scholarships

So far, that will be all we have on the UNIC Foundation Scholarship For Nigerian Students.

However, we will clear a query on the further part of this article.

Whenever the UNIC Scholarship is mentioned, a lot of people often mistake it for the ‘UNIC Foundation School Scholarship’.

However, they are both different scholarship bodies.

In the further part of this article, we will introduce to you, the UNIC School Scholarship.

UNIC Foundation (Nigeria)

Not to be mistaken for the UNIC (University of Northampton International College)

The UNIC is a recognized NGO that is registered and accepted by the UN (United Nations). In this context, the UNIC stands for Unique Employment and Empowerment Initiative.

Located in Lagos State, this initiative has carried out several humanitarian works through the years.

Official Website: https://www.unicfoundation.com/

UNIC Foundation School Scholarship Program

Having experienced success through the years, the UNIC has partnered with several private schools in West Africa.

As we speak, this Foundation has approved over 2,000 students for scholarships.

These students range from the Nursery and primary to secondary level.

In addition, this scholarship body has also provided undergraduate/postgraduate scholarships to over 4,000 students in West Africa.

Upon gaining a place, students are required to enroll in a UNIC partnered institution. After enrolment, school fees are then paid directly by UNIC into the school account.

The partnership program is currently open. As a result, schools can still apply for partnership with this scholarship body.

However, there are some requirements.

The UNIC Foundation body has a review team that inspects schools.

Moreover, there is a certain standard set aside for partners.

This inspection session covers four major areas:

  • Enabling the scholarship body to ascertain the number of slots that will be given to a school.
  • Checking the quality of education in the school.
  • Helping the UNIC Foundation to access academic materials and equipment which a school may need.
  • Determining if there may be other possible forms of partnership that can occur.

For schools that want to enroll for partnership in this scholarship program, here are the steps:

  • The first step is to complete the UNIC online form which can be gotten on their official page.
  • Upon filling the form and document of assessment, the next step is for inspection and approval.
  • After approval by the UNIC team, school owners are invited for a briefing by the scholarship body.

These are the major steps for requesting a partnership with the UNIC. From the steps above, you can see that joining the initiative is not hard.

However, some people find it difficult due to insufficient information.

Through the years, so many students have benefited from this scholarship scheme.

However, a lot of others miss out due to a lack of information.

With the help of this article, I believe you have been exposed to this golden opportunity.

Do feel free to check out the official website of this body for the latest information on their initiatives.

In addition, you can subscribe to this blog for more information regarding scholarship opportunities like this.

Final Thoughts On UNIC Foundation Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

From this article, I believe you have been exposed to a great deal of information regarding scholarship opportunities for Nigerian Students.

Also tackling the misconception of UNIC of the University of Northampton and the UNIC (Nigeria), we believe we killed two birds with a stone here.

The UNIC Foundation Scholarship is strictly for international students of the University of Northampton International College.

Meanwhile, the UNIC Foundation (Nigeria) is open to all students in West Africa.

Having helped thousands of pupils and students in West Africa, UNIC is gaining so much recognition by the day.

However, most people do not know about this opportunity.

Moreover, this information is not everywhere online. In a bid to spread the opportunity further, we urge you to share this with friends on social media.

You might be a miracle to someone through this initiative.

There are many other initiatives like this across the African continent.

However, this article is dedicated to the UNIC Foundation Scholarships For Nigerian Students.

If you found this information in this article useful or interesting, feel free to comment below.

Remember, we value your opinions.

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Here, we dish out the latest scholarship information for African students. Via these opportunities, we do hope we can be of help to several African students out there.

In all, we do wish you good luck as you try out these scholarship opportunities.

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