Türkiye Scholarships for Masters and Undergraduate Students in Turkey 2022

Currently, the Turkish government is providing Turkiye Scholarships for International Students seeking to pursue academic degrees in Turkey during the academic year 2022/2023.

Türkiye Scholarships

Turkiye Scholarships are distinctive in that they provide not only financial assistance, tuition fees, housing, and health insurance but also university placement as well as academic, social, and cultural facilities to awardees at all levels of higher education, making them particularly appealing to international students.

Worth of Award for Türkiye Scholarships

  • pays the cost of tuition.
  • enables you to learn the language of the nation via a one-year Turkish language course allows you to learn the language As a result, your academic research resources are more diverse, and your everyday life becomes more enjoyable as a result.
  • offers housing for students who have just arrived in a foreign nation.
  • accompanies you on your travel to Turkey and upon your return to your home country at the conclusion of your educational stay, and pays for your one-time airplane ticket home.
  • When you have health insurance, you may make full use of the extensive range of medical services available to you when you need them.
  • In addition, a monthly stipend of 1000 TL is provided at the undergraduate level, 1,400 TL at the Master’s level, and 1,800 TL at the PhD level.

Türkiye Scholarships Requirement

Eligible Groups

  • Citizens of all nations are welcome.
  • Those who have graduated or who will graduate at the conclusion of the current school year (before August 2022)
  • researchers, teachers, and academics

Ineligible Groups

  • Citizens of Turkey and those who have lost their Turkish citizenship
  • Individuals presently enrolled in programs in Turkish universities at the level of study for which they want to apply

Minimum Academic Achievement


  • 70% of applicants are undergraduates.
  • 75% of applicants are graduates.
  • 90% of applicants in the health sciences (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy)

Age Criteria


  • undergraduate programs: being under the age of 21
  • master’s programs: being under the age of 30
  • PhD programs: being under the age of 35
  • Research Scholarship: being under the age of 45

How to Apply for Türkiye Scholarships

All applications should be made online via the official website.

Deadline: February 20, 2022

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