Top Cultism Universities In Nigeria (Full List)

In this post, I’ll show you the full list of the top cultism universities in Nigeria, the main reasons why you shouldn’t join a cult in Nigeria; and how to stay away from cultism while in school in Nigeria.

Is It Good To Join Cult In School?


In cultism, “You either execute or you get executed,” depending on the situation.

Cultism has been one of the most stupid and senseless things that have killed most young people in the past few years.

Even people who aren’t in cults have been ruined and lost loved ones, just like Frat men, because these so-called Strong-men have the stupid mentality of “Kill or get killed” (cultists).

You hear about cult members chopping off the head of a person they may or may not know much about.

Many cult members who kill their victims have never met them before the day they took their life.

Even Blood Brothers from head cult groups may kill each other during cult battles, which is not surprising.

Frat guys might kill an innocent person who goes to see a friend because he is with their enemy.

Cultists don’t value Life.

Top Cultism Universities In Nigeria

  • All Federal Universities in Nigeria.
  • All State Universities in Nigeria.
  • All Private Universities in Nigeria.
  • All Polytechnics in Nigeria.
  • All College of education in Nigeria.

Main Reasons Why You Should Not Join Cult In Nigeria

  • Your Freedom Is Restricted (Fear Of Movement).
  • A decline in Academic Performance (Poor Grades).
  • Fear All The Time (You Can’t Find Peace Of Mind).
  • A lot of risk of contracting diseases.
  • Unnecessary Hatred and Manslaughter.
  • Lose the love of the people you care about.
  • You Lose God’s Favour.
  • You Get “marked” By Rivals.
  • You May Lose Your Life.

How To Stay Away From Cultism At School In Nigeria

  • Concentrate on your books. Be a bookworm.
  • Don’t go out at night. Don’t worry about night parties, the football centre, etc. Many people have gotten in this way without knowing it.
  • Avoid walking alone. Both day and night. Be careful and alert at all times.
  • Know who your friends are. Stop being friends with cult members for your own good. Get as far away from them as quickly as you can. Don’t even sleep in the same room with a member of a cult. You never know what’s going to happen.
  • Don’t go to places where there aren’t many or any people, like a river.  If possible, please forget about having a girlfriend or boyfriend for now. Cult members use this as a key part of their traps.
  • Be humble in everything you do, but don’t be stupid.
  • If you ever run into them (cultists), don’t be afraid, but be MEEK and speak respectfully and with discretion.
  • God should be your top priority.

Coming To a Close…

  • Most cult members are afraid, but they don’t show it.
  • Many cult members would like to leave.
  • For cultists, forgiving is a sin. If you join a cult, you shouldn’t expect another cult to be nice to you on a hot day.
  • When you join a cult, you put your FAMILY in danger. As your rivals might use them to get back at you if they can’t get you.

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