The Roux Prize for Health Innovations Worldwide 2022

For the Roux Prize for Health Innovations Worldwide in 2022, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is accepting proposals.

The Roux Prize for Health Innovations Worldwide

The Roux Prize was established in 2013 to recognize people or organizations from all across the globe who have utilized health evidence in novel, powerful, and creative ways.

Mr. Roux is a founding board member of IHME and has championed the organization’s most ambitious initiative, the Global Burden of Disease, over the last decade (GBD).

He urged IHME, as the coordinating center for a wide range of GBD contributors ranging from policymakers to researchers, practitioners to academics, to develop methods to make the data more accessible and valuable so that it could have the maximum effect on the ground.

The Roux Prize honors people who utilize GBD to make a difference.

The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD) began in 1993 with the release of the World Bank’s World Development Report, and GBD statistics have been utilized in a number of ways to inspire improved policies at the local and international levels since that time.

Mr. Roux sought to promote even more ambitious initiatives to enhance population health via improved disease burden monitoring by rewarding this kind of evidence-based innovation.

Worth of Award

  • Each year, the winner is awarded $100,000, which they may use for anything they like. Previous winners have used their prizes to finance academic scholarships, research, or personal causes.

The Roux Prize for Health Innovations Worldwide Requirements

  • The Roux Prize is awarded to someone who has utilized health evidence in novel ways to promote public health.
  • They invite a wide range of submissions: winners might be government employees, university researchers, volunteers in nonprofit groups, or community health care professionals.
  • Nominations are accepted from all across the world.
  • Individuals are given preference, although organizations are also eligible.
  • Self-nominations are frowned upon. IHME and University of Washington full-time academics, fellows, and staff are not eligible.

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How to Apply for The Roux Prize for Health Innovations Worldwide

The information included in the nomination form:

  • Title, name, degrees, job or function, organization, email, phone number, and physical address of the nominee.
  • The nomination statement (maximum of 1000 words) should explain why you believe this applicant is worthy of the Roux Prize. The most powerful nominations are those that:
  • Describe the extent and importance of the nominee’s proposed solution to the issue.
  • Describe how the candidate used evidence to benefit the health of the general public. Include concrete instances that emphasize the relevance of the evidence in attaining the goal, as well as the scope and significance of the population’s influence.
  • Describe the candidate and the environment in which they worked, including any difficulties or obstacles they had to overcome in order to accomplish the desired result.
  • Describe any evidence-based innovations that the candidate has implemented.
  • Explain how the award will help the candidate.
  • Supporting materials are optional. You may submit any papers that demonstrate the candidate’s accomplishments, with a focus on how the nominee utilized evidence to benefit public health and/or the scale and significance of the nominee’s work. Peer-reviewed papers, media appearances, letters of encouragement, and so on are examples. a maximum of five

Title, name, degrees, job or function, organization, email, phone number, and physical address of the nominator

  • Optional: title, name, degrees, position or function, organization, email, phone number, and physical address for co-nominators.

The Roux Prize for Health Innovations Worldwide Deadline

Deadline: Nominations are ongoing.

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