The Best University In West Africa Right Now

In this article, I will share with you the Best University In West Africa Right now.

Have you ever wondered what it will be like if you were pursuing your academic dreams in a west African university?

Africa is loaded with some of the greatest experiences you can ever imagine.

Especially if you are in love with Mother Nature.

As we all know, Africa is a blessed continent that any time you visit or enroll in any of the schools you will have no regret.

However, in West Africa and even worldwide, there are changes in the ranking of universities.

This is mainly because these universities are evaluated on the basis of academic standards.

These standards include stability, infrastructure development, and provision of academic facilities.

Below is the Best University In West Africa right now.

University of Ghana

The University of Ghana is the oldest and largest of the thirteen Ghanaian national public universities.

However, it is notably the best University in West Africa Now.

At the time of its founding, the university was known as University College of the Gold Coast.

Also it served as a subsidiary university under the University of London.

Prior to the absolute university status, it achieved in 1961, the University of Ghana was under the supervision of the University of London.

 In Ghana, the University of Ghana is the most populous university with almost 40,000 students studying in various disciplines.

The original emphasis on establishing the University of Ghana was on the liberal arts, social sciences, law, basic science, agriculture and medicine.

However, as part of a national educational reform program, the university’s curriculum was expanded.

It was done to provide more technology-based and vocational courses as well as postgraduate training.

The University of Ghana is mainly based at Legon, about 12 kilometers northeast of the center of Accra.

It has its medical school in the town called Korle-Bu, with a teaching hospital and a secondary/external campus in the city of Accra.


The University was formed under the chairmanship of Rt. Hon. Walter Elliot in 1948.

However, the commission recommended the setting up of university colleges in association with the University of London.

Thus the University College of the Gold Coast was founded by Ordinance on 11 August 1948.

It was founded for the purpose of providing for and promoting university education, learning and research.

This was made possible by the rejection of the first recommendation.

Which stated that only one university college was feasible for the whole of British West Africa.

Moreover, the college would be located in Nigeria by the people of Gold Coast led principally by Dr. J. B. Danquah.

After the country attained its independence from the British colony the institution became the University College of Ghana.

However, in October 1961 the University College of Ghana attained sovereign university status.

And was assigned the mandate by an act of Parliament to award its own degrees.

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu is the current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana.


The university of Ghana has four colleges namely:

  • College of Basic and Applied Science.
  • College of Humanities.
  • College of Education.
  • College of Health Science.

It also consist of five Faculties namely:

  • Faculty of Art British.
  • Faculty of Social Studies.
  • Faculty of Science.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

Aside from the faculties and colleges listed above.

The University also has a graduate school of nuclear and Allied Sciences at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

Making it one of the few universities on the African continent offering programs in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering.


I believe you now know the best University in West Africa Now.

If you are looking for the best University in West Africa the information above will guide you.

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