The Best Secondary School in Lagos 2022

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you The Best Secondary School in Lagos.

You will find some of the best secondary schools in Nigeria in the city of Lagos. This is not surprising, Lagos being one of the most prestigious states in Nigeria.

Lagos was once the capital of Nigeria and it is by far the largest city in Nigeria. At independence in 1960, Lagos had an estimated population of 763,000; today it is about 13 million.

However, to meet the growing need for quality education in the state, thousands of secondary schools have emerged.

The contact and the location of this school will also be shared in this article.

The Best Secondary School in Lagos

According to our own research and reviews, we have finally come up with the best secondary school in Lagos.

However, King’s College is currently the best secondary school in Lagos State.

King’s College, Lagos

Kings College Lagos holds its place as one of the oldest elite schools in Lagos.

KC is a Federal gender-specific school for boys.

Founded in 1909, KC boasts of conducive boarding facilities and large classrooms for its students. 

The school also has excellent sports facilities, keeping your children fit and boosting their sportsmanship. 

When it first opened had only ten students, and the school building was located near the Tafawa Balewa Square.

In the 2017 WAEC results, the school placed second in the overall best school in Nigeria.

The school has facilities for both day and boarding students.

The school admits only male students although historically some female HSC (A-Level equivalent) students were admitted before the establishment of Queen’s College Lagos.

It was popularly known as King’s College’s sister school.

Brief History

In 1908, the Nigerian Acting Director of Education in Lagos, Henry Rawlingson Carr advised Governor Walter Egerton on a detailed scheme of education in Lagos.

Carr’s suggestions and proposals were the basis for the formation of King’s College.

As a result of his suggestions and proposals, some authors regard Henry Carr as the “architect of King’s College”.

On 20 September 1909 King’s School (as it was then called) came into being. 

The staff of the college consists of three Europeans (a principal who gives instruction in English Language, Literature, and Latin, a Mathematical and Science Master) with two African assistant teachers.

However, the first headmaster of the college was Mr. Lomax.

Until 1954 when the first edition of the brief history of the college was written.

The popular myth was that Mr. Hyde-Johnson was the first principal of King’s College.

Except for the few surviving foundation students, there was hardly any Old Boy who had ever heard of Mr. Lomax.

This pioneer’s name was curiously sunk in obscurity.


As of the 2014–2015 session, King’s College Lagos had 45 perfect positions.


The school uniform consists of a white shirt (long-sleeved for those in the senior school and short-sleeved for those in the junior school), a school tie and/or a school badge, white trousers, black belt, socks, and black laced shoes, and a blue blazer.

The wearing of the blazer became compulsory with Mr. S.M. Onoja.

However, this has made the school look more inviting to the general public.


The current principal of the school is Ali Andrew Agada.

Mrs. Yetunde Awofuwa was the first and only female principal of the school after the departure of  Onoja.


You can reach the school board with the contacts details below.

Address: No. 3 Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Telephone: +234-9051018885


Email: [email protected]


Glad you now know the best secondary school in Lagos.

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