The Best Plagiarism Checker for Students and Lecturers.

When searching for the best plagiarism checker.

You will probably come across hundreds of tools on the internet.

Believe me or not.

With this ton of free and paid plagiarism checker, making a decision on which one to choose is that kind of hard and devastating, especially as a student.

Today, I want to share my experience and tell you the best plagiarism checker for students or lecturers.

The best plagiarism checker right now is Grammarly!

Maybe you have heard of it or just come across the name on this post.

Grammarly is one of the best tools for students, lecturers, bloggers, and writers, like me and you.

It helps in checking your paper/resume grammar, spelling errors, plagiarism, and writing tones.

Besides, Grammarly does more than just being a plagiarism checker.

Let me give a full inside to Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the best writing tool that is available to everyone for free.

However, the tool will help you check your grammar and spelling errors on your computer and phone while writing.

It comes as an Andriod app and an Apple app for phone users.

If you use a computer, be it windows or mac, you also have full access to use Grammarly for free.

In addition to that, Grammarly has its extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

No matter what you are writing, your grammar and typos should be corrected.

To take good advantage of this tool, you need to sign up for a free Grammarly account.

But there is a BIG LIMITATION to your perfect writing except you upgrade to the premium plan.

Moreover, let me tell you the features of Grammarly, Pricing, how to sign up for a free account and the reasons you should upgrade to a premium plan.

Grammarly Features

The Best Plagiarism Checker - Grammarly features

Here are the features of Grammarly available in free and premium plan.

  • Grammar and spelling checks (free and premium plan)
  • Checks punctuations grammar, context, and sentence structure (premium plan)
  • Vocabulary enhancement (premium plan)
  • Genre-specific writing style checks (premium plan)
  • Basic plagiarism check and writing style (free and premium plan)
  • Plagiarism detector – checks over 16 billion web pages (premium plan)
  • Tone detector (free and premium plan).
  • Word meaning (free and premium plan).

Grammarly comes with tons of features to help enhance your writing and perform a plagiarism check on your script.

But the truth is.

The free version of the Grammarly will never act as a plagiarism detector on your writing.

For you to make Grammarly your best plagiarism checker.

You need to upgrade to the premium plan and enjoy correct grammar, spelling error, and plagiarism free work 😍.

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly has a free and premium plan.

The free plan is forever.

But the premium plan has three payment plans.

Either you pay a yearly subscription, quarterly or monthly.

The Best Plagiarism Checker - Grammarly pricing

Here is the pricing of the Grammarly premium subscription plan.

  • $29.95 per month for premium plan billed monthly
  • $19.98 per month for premium plan billed quarterly @ $59.95
  • $11.66 per month for premium plan billed yearly @ $139.95

How to Sign up For a Free Grammarly Account.

To sign up for a free Grammarly account is in just a second.

You can sign up now for a free Grammarly account or premium account.

Once you have reached the site, click on login, if you are using desktop and find the same on your mobile device.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

Provide all your detail information, your email, password, and what you will use as a username.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

Or you can log in with your Google account or Facebook with just a click.

After that, Grammarly will send you a Welcome email

Check your email inbox and activate your Grammarly account.

After that, its time to download Grammarly extension for Chrome or Firefox browser.

You can also get the Grammarly App from the Google App Store or the Apple App Store.

The Reasons You Should Upgrade To a Premium Plan.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly premium has an additional four features you are not enjoying on the free version.

With a premium, you will find the perfect plagiarism checker as an additional feature.

More features on the premium are the vocabulary enhancement suggestions, writing style checks, and readability scores.

However, here are some of the benefits of upgrading to Grammarly premium plans.

1. Grammarly correct punctuation.

Correcting your English spelling is one of the Grammarly features in a free account.

But how about when you have missed punctuation mark in where necessary.


That the benefit of Grammarly premiums, because it will prompt you to correct where necessary with details of what you are missing.

Such an excellent tool.

Here is an example of Grammarly correcting the missing comma in a thesis.

2. Grammarly enhance sentence structures

Who teaches this one English?

That is what most people say when there are reading your emails, paperwork, thesis, or resume.

The best way to stay away from embarrassment and increase your vocabulary is by using Grammarly Premium.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

3. Grammarly writing style check

Most of the time, we use passive voice is replacing the active voice; the same thing implies oppositely.

However, Grammarly premiums will underline the sentence and ask you to rewrite the particular line of words for clarity, not the right writing style.

Check out this example.

Is Grammarly a good plagiarism checker?

Yes, for writing online content, thesis, and much other educational writing, Grammarly is a reliable plagiarism checker tool as compared to other available tools.

You won’t have to take my word for it, but how about what millions of users are saying.

Here is a survey report from what Grammarly premium users are saying about the great tool.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

How do I check plagiarism Using Grammarly?

At first, you need to sign up for a Grammarly premium account, if you have already done that, start over and log in to the tool.

Here is how your premium dashboard will look.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

Just upload the content to Grammarly if it was saved as a “doc” document or click on the “new,” which will open the writing platform.

Copy the document and past it on the space provided.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

Correct spelling and grammar errors.

After that, click “Plagiarism,” at the bottom right corner, to initiate the process.

Alternatively, you can check a paper for plagiarism with Grammarly on MS Word by clicking “Open Grammarly” and selecting “Plagiarism” to generate a comprehensive plagiarism report.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

If you plagiarise your document, Grammarly will inform you about it and link you to the source that matches your content.

Moreover, you can choose to cite the source with the suggested citation format or yours.

The Best Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly Plagiarism checker Alternative

The best Grammarly alternative is Turnitin.

Alternative those not mean is better than but if you can’t afford Grammarly, you can go for Turnitin.

Turnitin is an alternative plagiarism checker tool to Grammarly, your plagiarism will always be less in Grammarly than Turnitin.


I believe you have now made up your mind to sign up for Grammarly premium as it is the best plagiarism checker tool for students and lecturers.

However, you can choose to tell us what you think about this tool and don’t forget to share this article on social media with your friends.

You could be of help to someone else life.

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