Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize in USA 2022

For the Hillman Prize in 2022, the Sidney Hillman Foundation in the United States is accepting submissions and nominations.

Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize

The Hillman Prizes recognize investigative reporting and commentary that serves the public interest.

Reportorial brilliance, narrative talent, and social justice effect are all shown by the winners.

There is no admission charge.

There is no limit to how many submissions a single source or magazine may submit.

Since 1950, the Sidney Hillman Foundation has recognized journalists, authors, and public personalities who work to improve public welfare via investigative journalism and public policy.

The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, a forerunner union of Workers United, SEIU, was founded by Sidney Hillman.

Sidney Hillman, a key architect of the New Deal, sought to establish a strong labor movement that included all elements of working people’s life.

Worth of Award

The winners will receive a $5,000 reward as well as a diploma during the awards event in New York City.

Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize Requirements

The following are the categories:

  • e-book (bound volumes and ebooks)
  • Newspaper journalism (a single article or a series of stories published in print or online)
  • Journalism for a magazine (short story or series, in print or online)
  • Broadcast journalism (a narrative, serial, or documentary with a total package duration of at least 20 minutes that has appeared on television, radio, or podcast)
  • Web journalism (stories/series that were not published in print) As well as literature, we welcome blogs, photography, and other multimedia initiatives.
  • Opinions and Research Journalism (any media) encompasses all forms of advocacy, opinion, commentary, and analysis, which are often short-form and/or frequent. Newspaper and magazine columnists, TV and radio hosts, podcasters, bloggers, and bloggers are all welcome.
  • The competition is available to journalists and topics from all around the world, however work must be aimed at and generally accessible to a US audience.
  • You may submit your own or someone else’s work for consideration.
  • You may apply on your own or be nominated by your employer.

How to Apply for Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize

  • To enter, just click the box at the bottom of their website.
  • You’ll find guidelines for each area, as well as a text box where you can type your cover letter.
  • You may upload files, offer URLs, and/or ship copies to their office, but you must complete the form in order for them to keep track of your submission.

Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize Deadline

Deadline: The Call for Entries for the 2022 Hillman Prizes is now open. The deadline is January 30, 2022.

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