Senior Fellowships in Arts at Paul Mellon Centre in UK 2022

The Paul Mellon Centre in the United Kingdom offers Senior Fellowships in Arts, established scholars, and senior museum professionals working in the field of British art.

Senior Fellowships in Arts

Architectural history to finish a manuscript or book for publication, or to conduct sustained research in preparation for a major project in 2022.

From the medieval period to the present day, its financing program encourages scholarship, academic research, and information transmission in the domains of British art and architectural history, as well as British visual culture in general.

They are intended to relieve Fellows of their teaching and/or other work commitments for a certain amount of time, allowing them to focus on writing or research.

Full-time for nine months, Senior Fellowships are established particularly for:

The completion of a book or other big research that will be published soon (printed or online)

A persistent period of study for a clearly defined significant project that will result in a publication (printed or online), a catalog, or an exhibition.

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Worth of Award for Senior Fellowships in Arts

Senior Fellowships are £60,000 prizes that may be used in one of two ways:

Costs of substitute teaching or personnel are paid directly to the Fellow’s university or institution.

If the Fellow is an independent or freelance scholar, he or she will receive a lump-sum stipend.

The Centre does not cover all of the expenditures.

The Centre will seek an adequate repayment of the grant if an independent Fellow takes full-time work during the Senior Fellowship term.


  • All sponsored subjects, particularly those that concentrate on recent or current creative work, must have a clear art-historical context.
  • All applicants must show that their project has a significant focus on British art, architecture, or visual culture.
  • Academic rigor, creativity, and contribution to scholarship will all be considered while evaluating applications.
  • They do not sponsor archaeology, contemporary architectural practice, or performing arts research initiatives.
  • To be considered for a Senior Fellowship, you must be a well-known and recognized scholar in the subject of British art or architectural history, with a track record of publication.
  • Senior Fellowships are available for the academic year 2022/2023 and maybe accepted from September 2022 to September 2023. Fellowships cannot be postponed to a later academic year or run simultaneously with another institution’s Fellowship.
  • Applications for durations less than nine months will be rejected.

How to Apply for Senior Fellowships in Arts

  • To apply for a Senior Fellowship, go to and fill out the form.
  • You will be able to fill out the online application form and submit the contact information for two references after you have enrolled. After the application has been filed, they will email the selected referees with instructions on how to submit their recommendations, which must be done online and be no longer than 500 words.
  • Referees should be familiar with the applicant’s academic history as well as the subject area for which funding is being sought. The Advisory Council would want to know about the topic’s uniqueness and the applicant’s eligibility to conduct such research.


Within six months of completion of the Senior Fellowship, the Fellow must submit a final written report

Deadline: Applications and nominated referee details must be received by January 31, referees have until 10 February to submit their references.

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