List of Top Scholarships in Ukraine Without IELTS

Are you looking for a Ukrainian scholarship? Here is a list of top scholarships in Ukraine without IELTS for students to study for free in Ukraine.

These scholarships are often completely paid, however, some may be partly funded programs that require students to finance a portion of their fees.

Do you want to study or work in Ukraine? Ukraine is the second-largest nation in Eastern Europe, behind Russia. Over 75000 foreign students from various nations are expected to be studying in Ukraine right now. Good enough, degrees earned at Ukrainian colleges are respected across the world.

The most common languages taught at Ukrainian universities are English, French, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Admission to any of the scholarship programs mentioned below is guaranteed if you have documentation in one of these languages. What’s more, surprise! While studying in Ukraine, you may also apply for a work visa.

Top Scholarships in Ukraine Without IELTS

  • IREX scholarships
  • Gilman scholarships
  • Boren scholarships and fellowships
  • Language institute in L’viv and university of Kansas collaborative awards
  • The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) scholarship programs

Ukrainian Government Scholarships: Foreign students may study at Ukrainian universities thanks to scholarships provided by the Ukrainian government. These scholarships are often provided in accordance with an intergovernmental agreement with the student’s native country. The scholarship amount varies, but it usually covers the whole cost of the awardee’s study in Ukraine.

Candidates may also be eligible for a waiver of the language requirement if they are able to show additional papers demonstrating their competence in the language. A memorandum of instruction certificate (MOI) from a former school of study, a personal letter, and so forth are examples of such papers.

IREX Scholarship: This scholarship is provided by IREX, a non-governmental organization financed by the Ukrainian government. IREX assists researchers working at Ukrainian educational institutions. The duration of an IREX fellowship might range from 2 to 9 months, during which time the researcher can do a study on foreign policy issues.

Gilman Scholarship: This scholarship is a two-year program open to students from underrepresented groups and/or who are handicapped. A prize of $4000-$5000 is awarded. However, you will get an extra $8000 if you choose to learn a language on the vital need list. This scholarship may be earned by just opting to study a language, such as Russian. A Gilman scholarship may be used in any nation other than the candidate’s home country.

Boren Scholarships: Boren scholarships are granted by the National Security Education Program to overseas students. In lieu of IELTS, Ukrainian and Russian language programs are on the list of recommended programs. This scholarship is normally quite competitive, and it is worth $20,000, with a $30,000 fellowship.

The winner of this scholarship must serve the Ukrainian government after completing the program as a condition of receiving financial assistance. This implies that employment is guaranteed since one might work for the staff and defense department, homeland/national security, and so on.

Language institute in L’viv and university of Kansas collaborative awards: This curriculum is just 6 weeks long. It provides foreign students with the opportunity to learn Ukrainian. It’s a summer program, after all. There is no requirement to have any prior knowledge of the language. Candidates learn the Ukrainian language as well as other disciplines including history, economics, history, Ukraine culture, and so on. For a total of 6 credit hours, students study a 3-credit load of reading in Ukraine language (UKRA 675) and specific issues in region studies (REE 895). It is available to any university student interested in studying about Ukraine, as well as students from any US-recognized institution. This prize does not need any prior knowledge of the language.

School of Russian and Asian Studies Scholarship: This school offers $5000 in scholarships to aid with tuition costs. Another $750 scholarship is given to students who want to study art and culture and work in non-profits, theaters, or museums.

How to study in Ukraine without IELTS?

IELTS is not required or required to study in Ukraine; you may apply for another educational assistance program, such as ESL if you have a learning disability.

However, since English, Russian, Ukrainian, and French are the primary languages of teaching at Ukrainian institutions, international students will need to demonstrate their linguistic competency in one of the aforementioned languages or a certificate of English from their former school.

Candidates who desire to learn Ukrainian or Russian will be able to do so once they arrive in Ukraine if they do not already know the language well.

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