14 Best Scholarships in India for Nigerian Students in 2022

Want to find out some of the best scholarships in India for Nigerian Students?

Then you are reading the right article. Undoubtedly, there are several top-class higher institutions in India today.

Now, most of these Universities offer different kinds of scholarships to international students.

However, it is often difficult to fish these scholarships out. That is why we have decided to come up with this unique list.

In this list, you will discover some of the best Scholarships in India for Nigerian Students.

So without taking any more of your time, let us get down to this wonderful list.

Moreover, that is what you are here for. 🙂

Best Scholarships in India for Nigerian Students in 2022

Here comes a comprehensive list of the best scholarships in India for Nigerian Students in 2022.

1. Symbiosis International University Awards

Scholarship Type: Bachelors

Funding: Partial

Courses: All courses offered by the institution.

The Symbiosis International University offers a great undergraduate merit scholarship in India.

This scholarship is open to all International students including Nigerians.

Although this scholarship offers a lot of benefits and bonuses, it is partially funded.

As a result, students still have the responsibility of catering for one-half of their study expenses.

Other than this, the Symbiosis scholarship is a very good one for Nigerian Students.

Moreover, it saves a whole lot of costs for those who can afford little. To find out more about this scholarship, feel free to visit the official website of this school.

Official Website: https://siu.edu.in/

2. Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

Scholarship Type: Bachelors, Others.

Funding: Partial Funding

Courses: Arts (Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, and more)

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant is another good scholarship grant which we decided to feature on this list.

Unlike some other scholarship grants, this is open to everyone across the globe.

However, it is still a partly funded scholarship.

By doing so, students still have to pay for a part of their study costs.

To know more about this scholarship, visit: https://www.elizabethgreenshieldsfoundation.org

3. Nalanda University Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship

Scholarship Type: Masters

Funding: Only tuition fees

Subjects: All courses offered by the institution.

Hosted by Nalanda University, the Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship is another good scholarship for International students.

However, it covers only the tuition fees for students.

In other words, students have to care for themselves through their studies.

Other than this, the scholarship is a very good and stable one.

To discover more about this opportunity, check out their website.

Official Website: https://nalandauniv.edu.in

4. Abel Visiting Scholar Program (International Mathematical Union)

Scholarship Type: Post Doctoral

Funding: Partial Funding

Course: Mathematics

Another good scholarship that is featured on this list is the Abel Visiting Scholar Program.

This is a partly funded scholarship that covers one-half of your tuition and study expenses.

However, the scholarship is exclusive to Mathematics students.

Moreover, it is a Postdoctoral scholarship.

If you meet all the requirements for this scholarship, then you can find out more on their official website.

Just like many other scholarships that will be featured on this list, it is open to all students in developing nations.

5. EIT International Excellence Scholarship

Scholarship: Masters

Funding: Partial Funding

Courses: Engineering and Science.

Open to all, the EIT International Excellence Scholarship is another trustworthy scholarship.

With a stable funding and support system, they are currently one of the best scholarship bodies.

This scholarship is not exclusive to any region.

That is, anybody can participate to win a place.

However, you must have it at the back of your mind that it is partly funded.

As a partly funded scholarship in India for Nigerians, students have to pay a part of their study expenses and tuition fees.

Overall, it is a good scholarship in India for both Nigerian Students and other International students.

To find out more, visit their official page here: https://www.eit.edu.au/eit-international-excellence-scholarship/

6. Women In Finance Scholarship

Scholarship Type: Masters and PhD

Funding: Partial Funding

Course: Finance

Another notable scholarship in India for Nigerian Students is the ‘Women In Finance’ Scholarship.

Just like most scholarships on this list, this scholarship is partly funded.

In addition, it is a scholarship meant for women who have studied finance-related courses at the undergraduate level.

To find out more about this scholarship, feel free to visit their official website.

Official Website: https://fincad.com/about

7. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program

Scholarship Type: Bachelors, Masters

Funding: Partial Funding

Despite being a partly funded scholarship, the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship is a student attraction.

This scholarship is given by the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud).

Made especially for International students, all students both within and outside Africa can apply.

Currently, this scholarship functions in the fields of Business Administration, Finance, Criminal Justice, and Accounting.

To make further inquiries about this scholarship, you can visit the official website of this body.

Official Website: https://www.acfe.com/scholarship.aspx

8. TWAS-SN Bose Post-Graduate Fellowship Award

Scholarship Type: PhD

Funding: Full

Course: Physical Sciences

The TWAS-SN Bose Fellowship programme is another scholarship that has been active for a while now.

This Scholarship is specially designed for students from developing countries across the world.

However, it is for only post-graduate students looking to research towards their Ph.D.

If you happen to be a postgraduate in any course related to physical sciences, then you can apply for this.

For those who qualify for this scholarship, find out more on the official page of the scholarship body.

Official Page: https://twas.org/opportunity/twas-sn-bose-postgraduate-fellowship-programme

9. SIT English Scholarship

Scholarship Type: Diploma, Bachelors, Masters

Funding: Tuition

Courses: All courses offered by University.

The next scholarship that is featured on this list is the SIT English Scholarship.

Although the name says ‘English scholarship’, this scholarship is not restricted to a particular course.

Rather, it is open to all courses offered by the University.

Unlike other scholarships here, this one is also open to Diploma students.

This makes it more flexible and accessible to most students across the world.

If you would love to apply for this scholarship, you can do so by visiting their official website.

Official Website: https://www.sit.ac.nz/International/International-Student-Scholarships/Zerofees-English-Scholarship

10. Silk Roads Youth Research Grants

Funding: Partial Funding

Courses: Religion and Spirituality, Language and Literature, Craftsmanship, Sports and Games, Science and Technology.

The Silk Roads Youth Research Grants is another diverse scholarship scheme that has been active for a while.

Through the years, thousands of students have benefited from their programs.

Moreover, it is open to all students across every country.

If you are interested in this scholarship offer, feel free to find out more on their official website.

Official Website: https://en.unesco.org/silkroad/youthgrant


Scholarship Type: Postgraduate

Funding: Full

Courses: Science and Technology

The TWAS-CSIR scholarship is specially dedicated to researchers in developing countries.

Specially designed for science and technology researchers, this scholarship has helped so many young scientists.

What makes this scholarship fun is the availability of study facilities.

Students gain free access to laboratories and the institutes of the council of scientific and Industrial research in India.

If you meet the requirements for this golden offer, you can apply for a place.

To do so, visit their official website here. https://twas.org/opportunity/twas-csir-postgraduate-fellowship-programme

12. Symbiosis International University-Indian Council Relations Joint Scholarship

Scholarship Type: Bachelors

Funding: Full

Courses: All offered by Symbiosis International University

Having helped so many students over the years, this is one of the best scholarships featured here.

Upon gaining a place, beneficiaries study for a degree at SIU.

This scholarship is open to all students in developing countries.

Moreover, it is fully funded and well trusted. If you are looking to focus on your studies without having to border about funding, then this is for you.

However, some little expenses are not covered.

If you want an overall fully-funded and well-trusted scholarship, you can apply for this.

To find out more, visit the official website of the SIU-ICCR scholarship.

Official Website: https://siu.edu.in/international-scholarship.php

13. Simon’s African Fellowship Program

Scholarship Type: Short Courses/ Training

Funding: Partial Funding

Courses: Mathematics

Looking for a scholarship for short courses in the Mathematical field?

Then this is for you.

The Simon’s African Fellowship programme provides lots of offers for students.

However, this scholarship is exclusive to selected African countries (including Nigeria).

If you are looking for a scholarship opportunity for a short course, then this is for you.

Moreover, there is a vast range of courses you can choose from.

To participate in this scholarship program, visit the official website of Simon’s African Fellowship Program.

Official Website: https://www.simonsfoundation.org

14. TWAS-DBT Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Scholarship Type: Postgraduate Research

Funding: Full Funding

Courses: Science and Technology

Featured here is another scholarship powered by the Department of Biotechnology in India.

This department is a section of the Ministry of science and technology in India.

Targeted at research students from developing countries, this scholarship is suitable for all Nigerian Students.

However, students will still have to cater for some minor and optional expenses through their studies.

This initiative was specially set up by TWAS and DBT for International students.

To find out the complete requirements to apply for this scholarship, visit the official webpage of this scholarship body.


Final Thoughts On Scholarships In India For Nigerian Students

So far, these are some of the major scholarships in India for Nigerian Students.

Aside from these scholarships, there are many more.

However, they are not covered here as the list is endless.

If you are a student looking for scholarships in India for Nigerian Students, then check out this list.

In all, I do wish you good luck as you apply for these scholarships.

Remember to drop your comments below if you found this article useful or interesting.

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We will come up with the latest scholarship updates for students.

In all, we do hope you have a nice day!

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