Rockefeller Foundation Acumen Food Systems Fellowship 2022

The Rockefeller Foundation Acumen Food Systems Fellowship 2022 is now accepting applications.

Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems

Acumen Academy, the world’s school for social transformation, offers the Fellowship, a one-year intense leadership development program.

The inaugural Food Systems Fellowship will bring moral leadership principles to a worldwide cohort of 20 food system leaders who are working to make food systems that are more inclusive, nutritious, and regenerative.

Fellows will participate in a mix of intensive lectures, workshops, and self-directed leadership experiments with prominent food systems facilitators.

Over the course of the Fellowship year, the program will integrate in-person and virtual study.

Food Systems Fellows will join Acumen’s worldwide network of social innovators building a world free of poverty and injustice after Year 1 of the Fellowship.


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Benefits of Rockefeller Foundation Acumen Food Systems

The Fellowship curriculum is based on moral leadership concepts and is set in the context of global food systems:

  • Adaptive Leadership: Adaptive Leadership is a practical leadership approach based on Ron Heifetz’s work that helps Fellows catalyze and accept the gradual and purposeful process of generating change in food systems.
  • Authentic Voice: The Authentic Voice program, which is based on Marshall Ganz’s life work, helps Fellows to build the ability to communicate an optimistic vision for food systems, speak across lines of difference, and inspire people to action.
  • Good Society Readings: Modeled after The Aspen Institute, use text-based discourse to examine the idea of a fair society and the moral and historical foundations of social transformation.
  • Managing Polarities: Polarities, based on the work of Barry Johnson, strives to develop a person’s ability to lead successfully when competing but interdependent and equally essential values are in conflict.
  • Systems Thinking: Fellows will navigate the players within food systems, their interconnections, and the enabling environment surrounding them to get a better knowledge of food systems.

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Eligibility of Rockefeller Foundation Acumen Food Systems

You must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Food Systems Fellowship:

  • Currently lead or contribute to the development of an organization or program aimed at addressing poverty or inequality in food systems.
  • Demonstrate a long-term dedication to food system work, with at least 5 years of experience in the field anywhere on the planet.
  • Work in a leadership role, which means you have the ability to impact change.
  • Working in a leadership position implies you have the power to influence change.
  • If you want to engage in an online learning environment, you’ll need to live somewhere with phone and internet service.
  • To be an active part of the community, you must be able to read and write medium-complex English texts and have a basic understanding of social media platforms (e.g., Whatsapp).

Application for Rockefeller Foundation Acumen Food Systems

The Food Systems Fellowship will take place from April to October of 2022.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Application Deadline

  • December 1, 2021

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems Fellowship 2022

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