Renewing Nigerian Passport: Steps and Renewal Fees

Renewing a Nigerian passport is all about processing. Is your passport getting expired soon? Then this article will encapsulate the process of getting it renewed.

On the off chance that your Nigerian passport will expire within the next six months and you will be traveling soon, then you should renew the passport.

This will by and large help you to stay on the safer side before taking your luggage off.

The Nigerian Immigration Service offers the service of passport renewal to anyone who might have to meet the validity of his or her passport.

Regardless of how the process works, it’s best to have information to guide you on the processes involved.

That will be the high point of this article as we will as well highlight the current renewal fees.

Continue reading this write-up to the last punctuation mark as we will uncover more on how to renew a Nigerian passport through the online medium.

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Requirements for Renewing Nigerian Passport

renewing nigerian passport

What is required to renew a Nigerian passport?

That’s one of the recurring questions always posed by people who want to carry out the process.

Regardless of whether you have a lapsed visa or one that is going to expire soon, the requirements for the Renewing Nigerian Passport are as follows:

  • You will be required to present an Application letter
  • A Passport booklet of the expired visa will be required
  • You will also need to present a photocopy of the data page of your passport
  • An Acknowledgement slip should be made available
  • Proof of payment of the renewal fees will be required.

Those are the basic requirements that will be very much needed to process the passport renewal.

However, during the application process for your Nigerian Passport renewal (which is done on the internet), select your closest passport office.

This will help in the fast collection of the readied passport. Ensure to browse the offices that are nearer to you.

How to Apply for Nigerian Passport Renewal

On the off chance that your Nigerian Passport expired or is soon to, all you have to do is to apply for the renewal.

This process should always be done on the internet through the Nigerian Immigration Service website.

Toward the finish of your application process, you may collect your passport.

That will be possible when it is done and ready.

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Renewing Nigerian Passport Online Application

If you will be using the online means to apply for Nigerian Passport renewal, the process is clear and straightforward.

In case you’re outside the country, you can apply on the internet or at your closest office/government office.

The online medium is preferable because it spares you some unwanted stress.

Also, with the medium, you will apply and present your application documents sent a long time before your takeoff date.

When you get your renewed passport, all that is left to do is to prepare to travel out.

Kindly note this process is only for Nigerian Passport holders.

Any other thing besides that won’t be attended.

However, let’s look at how to easily apply and get a renewed Nigerian passport.

How to Apply for Nigerian Passport Renewal Online:

Here is how to apply for Nigerian passport renewal online :

  1. Open your computer browser and log on to the Nigerian Immigration Services portal
  2. On the landing page, you will see options. You should then select passport type
  3. You will also be required to select a processing country
  4. Fill the application forms completely
  5. You will be required to pay the renewal fees. Just select your preferred payment method
  6. Once payment of the fees is made, click “Submit”
  7. After all the registration proper is being done successfully, you will be issued an Application ID and Reference number
  8. Print out the Guarantor’s form and ensure to get it certified
  9. Present the completed application forms with extra required documents directly at your chose visa office.
  10. If your passport is over a half-year-old, you should have your photo taken and your biometric data taken.

By following these simple steps, you can have your Nigerian visa renewed sooner than you might expect.
Application for the Nigerian visa renewal takes around 72 hours to process after your biometric information has been taken.
Some cases could take as long as a month to process the passport renewal application, so make certain to apply well ahead of time.
You will be notified by text or email, after which you can visit the immigration office to collect your passport.

Nonetheless, if you are a Nigerian living abroad, you can apply for the Nigerian Passport renewal on the internet and afterward, present your documents and have your photos taken and biometric data were taken as well.

All of these should be done at the closest office or Nigerian embassy in the country.

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Nigerian Passport Renewal Fee

When paying for the Nigerian Passport Renewal, it must be done on the internet through the online transaction channels.

Note that cash payments are not accepted for passport fees.

Here is the rundown of Nigerian Passport Renewal Fees for 32-page booklets:

The Passport Booklet Fee for 0 – 17 years age is ₦8,750; ₦15,000 for 18 – 59 years; and ₦20,000 for persons above 60 years.

The Address Verification Fee is ₦2,000 for everybody irrespective of age.

How to Renew Unexpired Passports

If your passport is valid for over a half year (i.e. six months), you should prepare for the renewal.

The process for obtaining a renewed one is just the same as for the expired one.

However, to remain on the safe side concerning the prerequisites for your Nigerian passport renewal, it’s best to get information on that process.

If you’re chanced, try to visit the Nigerian Immigration Services website for information, or visit their office directly.

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Validity of Renewed Nigerian Passports

There is a limit of how long your new passport will last before it eventually gets expired.

The validity of renewed Nigerian passports is five years from the issuance.

You should know that renewed Nigerian passports are valid for a very long time.

Conclusion on Renewing Nigerian Passport

A renewed Nigerian passport is very important since you’ll go outside of the country for a long time.

This will always be preferable if the period of your current passport expiration is at the corner.

You need to ensure your passport is valid for no less than a half year before the flight.

On the off chance that it’s expiring soon or has already lapsed, we have all the information you need in the detailed guide we gave.

This article was on the best way to effortlessly renew your Nigerian passport.

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