Psychology Doctoral Studentship in Sussex in UK 2022

The University of Sussex in the UK invites applications for a Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship – What prevents people from being kind in the 2022/2023 academic session.

Psychology Doctoral Studentship in Sussex

Kindness (prosociality) is widely recognized as a beneficial quality and behavior, yet individuals often pass up chances to assist, say hi to a stranger, or pass along praise, and kindness has been undervalued in many ways.

This research will look at the personal and situational variables that limit or discourage individuals from conducting acts of kindness when given the chance.

These elements are likely connected to, but not identical to, the ones that enable/encourage individuals to be kind, which we shall also investigate.

Both types of data will contribute to the ultimate objective of learning how to foster greater compassion.

There’s a lot of room for you to customize this project to fit your own interests.

Dr. Gillian Sandstrom, who is assisting in the establishment of a formal research unit for the study of kindness, will supervise this PhD.

The student will be required to participate actively in the increasing research center’s operations.

Doctoral Tutor role: 

In the second trimester of their study, Doctoral Tutors will begin instructing.

You will be encouraged to pursue official teaching certification (Associate of the Higher Education Academy), which will include enrolling in starting to teach’ module in the first term before beginning to teach.

Candidates who indicate suitability for the extra Doctoral Tutor job and express interest in it will be given priority.

Worth of Award

  • A three-year stipend (linked to UKRI studentship rates, presently £15,609 per year) to cover living expenses.
  • Home fees in the United Kingdom, as well as research and training expenses, are reimbursed.
  • International students are eligible to apply for this Home/UK studentship, but they must cover the difference in costs between the UK and the rest of the world (about £18,500 per year). Self-funding is one possibility.
  • One scholarship is offered for an international student, which covers a three-year stipend as well as international fees. It will be very competitive, with candidates from all areas of psychology being considered. Please specify in your application whether you want to be considered for sponsorship for abroad costs.
  • During your 6 semesters (3 years) of financing, you will also be required to participate in Doctoral Tutoring. This job pays Grade 5.1 ($13.88 per hour) and includes contact time, preparation, and marking. Depending on the modules you choose and your availability, you will be asked to work roughly 165 hours each year.

Psychology Doctoral Studentship in Sussex Requirements

  • Fees will only be paid at the Home/UK rate with this award. International students are eligible to apply, but they must pay the difference between home and international fees (currently £18,500 per year). International students may apply for the Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship (International) with Gillian Sandstrom as a prospective supervisor.
  • Candidates must have a First or a high Upper Second Class Honours undergraduate degree, or similar qualification, and/or a Master’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, or a related area, or hope to receive one.

How to Apply for Psychology Doctoral Studentship in Sussex

  • Before you begin your application, please read their Psychology PhD FAQs.
  • Please apply online for the ‘PhD in Psychology’ program, which will begin in September 2022.
  • Put ‘Gillian Sandstrom’ in the ‘Supervisor proposed by applicant’ portion of your application.
  • Please write ‘Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship’ in the ‘Proposed source of financing’ part of your application. Please also specify whether you want to be considered for the Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship if you are an international student who is responsible for foreign expenses (International).

Candidates should provide

  • A study proposal that highlights your understanding of the research field, hypotheses that might be addressed in your PhD, and a list of possible techniques. The study proposal should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words long and no more than three pages long, including references. It should have a minimum of ten font types and one-centimeter margins.
  • Current degree transcript(s) showing comprehensive information of all completed courses.
  • Two scholarly sources are provided.
  • A CV that is up to date.
  • A paper describing your teaching experience and demonstrating your aptitude for the position of Doctoral Tutor.
  • If you are an international student who is responsible for paying abroad costs, you must additionally submit a statement describing how you will fund the difference in fees if you are not granted the Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship (International).

Psychology Doctoral Studentship in Sussex Deadline

Deadline: Applications close January 18, 2022

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