Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship at University of Sussex in UK 2022

The University of Sussex in the UK invites applications for the Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship for international students in the 2022/2023 academic session.

Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship

Before submitting an application, find a faculty member whose research interests/methodologies are similar to yours and contact them informally.

They’ll be able to inform you whether or not they’d be interested in supervising a PhD on your selected subject, and they could even give you feedback on your initial research proposal.

Applicants may apply to collaborate with any of the academic members in one of four research groups:

  • Clinical and developmental psychology
  • Applied and Social Psychology
  • Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioural Neuroscience
  • Psychology of the Mind (including Cognitive Neuroscience)

Doctoral Tutorial 

In the second trimester of their study, Doctoral Tutors will begin instructing.

You will be encouraged to pursue official teaching certification (Associate of the Higher Education Academy), which will include enrolling in starting to teach’ module in the first term before beginning to teach.

Candidates who indicate suitability for the extra Doctoral Tutor job and express interest in it will be given priority.

Worth of Award

  • A three-year stipend (linked to UKRI studentship rates, presently £15,609 per year) to cover living expenses.
  • Overseas fees, as well as research and training expenditures, are paid.
  • During your 6 semesters (3 years) of financing, you will also be required to participate in Doctoral Tutoring. This job pays Grade 5.1 ($13.88 per hour) and includes contact time, preparation, and marking. Depending on the modules you choose and your availability, you will be asked to work roughly 165 hours each year.

Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship Requirements

  • The fees for this award will be paid at the Overseas rate. International students will be required to live in Sussex for the length of their PhD and will not be allowed to enrol as Distance Learners.
  • International students may also apply for a Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship (UK), which pays tuition at the home rate (but if awarded one of these you would need to be able to self-fund the difference between Home and Overseas fees)
  • Candidates must have a First or a high Upper Second Class Honours undergraduate degree, or similar qualification, and/or a Master’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, or a related area, or hope to receive one.

How to Apply for Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship 

  • Before you begin your application, please read their Psychology PhD FAQs.
  • Please apply online for the ‘PhD in Psychology program, which will begin in September 2022.
  • Put the names of the supervisors you’ve addressed in the ‘Supervisor recommended by applicant’ part of your application. It is doubtful that you will be selected for a School studentship if you leave this field blank.
  • Please write ‘Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship’ in the ‘Proposed source of financing’ part of your application (Overseas).

Candidates should provide:

  • A study proposal that highlights your understanding of the research field, hypotheses that might be addressed in your PhD, and a list of possible techniques. The study proposal should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words long and no more than three pages long, including references. It should have a minimum of ten font types and one-centimeter margins.
  • Current degree transcript(s) showing comprehensive information of all completed courses.
  • Two scholarly sources are provided.
  • A CV that is up to date.
  • A paper describing your teaching experience and demonstrating your aptitude for the position of Doctoral Tutor.

Psychology Doctoral Research Studentship Deadline

Deadline: Applications close January 18, 2022

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