Prestige Chancellor’s Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Canada 2021

For the academic year 2021/2022, Carleton University in Canada is asking prospective undergraduate students to apply for the Prestige Chancellor’s Scholarships for undergraduate students in Canada.

Prestige Chancellor’s Scholarships

Carleton Institution is a vibrant, research-intensive university dedicated to providing an excellent learning experience for its students. It is ranked among the finest comprehensive universities in Canada.

Carleton University offers 65 academic programs in fields like public affairs, journalism, engineering, high technology, and international studies.

Their prestige scholarships — ten Chancellor’s Scholarships – are their greatest honors.

7 Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarships, 3 Carleton University Excellence Scholarships, 2 Carleton University Shad Valley Excellence Scholarships, 1 Riordon Scholarship, 1 Collins Prestige Scholarship

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Worth of Award for Prestige Chancellor’s Scholarships

  • $30,000 ($7,500 x four years)
  • Scholarships are renewable with an annual GPA of 10.0


The qualifying requirements for the Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Canada are as follows:

  • Students that submit an application must have a 90 percent or above admissions average and have shown leadership in their extracurricular activities throughout the school.
  • Only one applicant will be considered who has never attended a post-secondary educational institution (college or university, except CE-GEP).
  • The student must be enrolling for the first time in post-secondary education.

How to Apply for Prestige Chancellor’s Scholarships

  • This is a fill-in-the-blank form. By March 1st, please complete and submit this application to the Awards Office (if the deadline date lands on a weekend, application must be submitted the first working day after the deadline date)
  • Additional attachments should not be included by the student (e.g. resumes, portfolios, photos, certificated, etc.). Students may, however, re-type the questions with their responses if required (this will not be considered an attachment).
  • Individuals who are completing the student’s reference may attach their recommendation as a separate file.
  • Only one reference per applicant will be taken into account.

Deadline: The application for Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Canada should be submitted to the Awards Office by March 1, 2021.

To Apply, Click Here

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