OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants 2022 (up to $1,000)

The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) Open Data Day Small Grants 2022 are currently accepting applications.

OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants

The money will help organizations throughout the globe stage Open Data events and activities.

The awards will encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, focused campaigns, and advocacy initiatives in favor of the Paris Agreement, local climate change efforts, and the use of open data for social impact. Only in-person events are eligible for this year’s grant money, which will support 14 events. There will be ten open data events and four special category events.


The following are the categories for this year:

Environmental data: Use open data to demonstrate the seriousness of the climate emergency and motivate individuals to take a position or make lifestyle adjustments that will help the world become more ecologically sustainable.

Tracking public funds: Use Freedom of Information requests to increase budget transparency, investigate public procurement, analyze tax statistics, or express concerns about public finance management.
Open mapping: Discover how maps may help you build better communities.

Data for Equal Development: How can communities utilize open data to draw attention to important concerns at the local, national, and global levels? Is it possible to measure progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using open data?

Data about the oceans for a healthy world (special category): Create tools for ocean resilience and sustainability using open data, assist communities in organizing and sharing ocean data, or integrate local and global data sources to highlight the relationships between oceans, climate, and human well-being.


  • The funding runs from $500 to $1,000 and is intended to assist organizations in hosting Open Data events and activities in person.

Requirements for the OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants | Eligibility Criteria

  • All registered organizations across the globe that want to hold in-person open data events and activities in their nation are welcome to apply.
  • Individuals are not eligible to apply for this year’s modest award, and the events must not be virtual or online.
  • Special funds under the category “Ocean data for a flourishing world” are only available to organizations and communities in coastal countries.

OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants | Application Procedure

The deadline for applications is May 13, 2022, and the grant-funded activities must take place between June 1, 2022, and August 31, 2022.

To apply, go to this link.

Visit Open Data Day Small Grants for more information.

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