Odyssée Residencies 2022 for Foreign Artists (€1,200 grant)

The Odyssée Residencies foreign artists grant 2022 are currently accepting applications.

The Odyssée initiative provides residencies for international artists, scholars, and professionals/professionals who do not live in France and want to work on projects in the network of cultural gathering places.

The Association of Cultural Meeting Centres manages the Odyssey program.

CCRs are locations developed around an artistic, cultural, and intellectual endeavor that works in tandem with the significant historic site where they are situated.

Worth of Scholarship

  • The chosen individuals will receive a monthly residency stipend of €1,200 for a period of one to six months.
  • The cultural gathering center where the chosen applicant dwells provides lodging and food.
  • Travel expenditures will be paid up to a certain amount, which will be decided based on the planned trip and accompanying papers.
  • The program’s funds will cover visa applications and costs.
  • Residents also benefit from the supply of technical tools for carrying out their residential projects whenever feasible.

Requirements for the Odyssée Residencies Foreign Artists Grant

  • The curriculum encompasses all aspects of the arts (live performance, literature, music, architecture, crafts, visual arts, theatre writing, animation, photography, journalism).
  • Applications for residencies in the arts and culture must offer initiatives that are connected to the chosen French cultural gathering centers’ subjects (CCR). As a resident, you may choose from up to three distinct centers.
  • There is no need to choose a CCR for applications for residency in the domains of cultural management and network development; just specify the professional association on the application form (ACCR).
  • Artists may propose a residential project at a center in France as well as a center from the network of cultural encounter centers across the world.
  • The residency project must then align with the cultural initiatives of the two chosen centers.If approved, the residence will be split between the center in France and the network’s center overseas for 2/3 of the time.

How to Apply for the Odyssée Residencies Foreign Artists Grant

The following information will be included in the form:

  • a curriculum vitae
  • according to the activities and unique project of the selected center, the project it offers to carry out during the residency,
  • a portfolio of work or links to recordings of musical or dramatic productions, for example
    a motivation letter,
  • a recommendation letter,
  • evidence of residency (electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.),
  • a photocopy of your passport or ID card

Documents and attachments can be written in either English or French.

Click here to apply.

Deadline for application: March 15, 2022

Visit Odyssée Residencies for additional details.

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