NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduates 2022

NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduates.

So, have you been one of those searching desperately for the NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Students?

Then you have been seriously blessed today. The article you are currently reading is a perfect masterpiece of all you need to know about this offer.

Can’t wait to see more…Right?

Well. Don’t be in a hurry, as there is so much to discover about this wonderful Scholarship opportunity.

Often shortened as the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia, NWAG is a trusted body known across the globe.

Moreover, so many young women have benefited from this organization through the years. As part of their welfare agenda, NWAG offers a one-off scholarship to 37 beneficiaries.

This is to be split amongst the 36 states in Nigeria and the FCT. Thus, one person in every state in Nigeria will benefit from this opportunity.

However, this is exclusive to only female Undergraduate Students.

So without wasting any more time, let us take a look at what you need to know about the NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduates.

Eligibility Requirements For The NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduate Students

Undoubtedly, the worst thing an applicant can do is to apply for a scholarship without checking this.

As far as scholarships are concerned, eligibility requirements remain the most important thing.

Moreover, this determines if a candidate actually qualifies or not. As for the NWAG Scholarship, there are some specific eligibility requirements set up by the scholarship body.

Intending applicant? Then here is what you need to know about this scholarship offer. Applicants of the NWAG Scholarship must:

  • Be female Undergraduate Students in any Nigerian tertiary institution.
  • Have proof of state of origin (or Local Government Identification Letter).
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from your H.O.D.
  • Provide Student ID Card of current University
  • Submit two recommendation letters from any two mentioned here:

Local Government Chairperson

  • University Lecturer
  • Pastor/Mosque Leader
  • Community Chief

Eligible Courses/Programs For The NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Students

As we all know, most scholarships have some preferred courses which students are expected to study.

However, the NWAG Scholarship is somewhat different. Unlike most scholarships, this scholarship actually has no focus on the course a candidate studies.

As long as a candidate qualifies and passes through the process of selection, he/she is good to go.

Moreover, this is more of a study grant. Thus, students are given certain amounts of money to assist their general education funding.

Scholarship Type

As already said, the NWAG Scholarship is more of a study grant. Thus, it is quite different from other fully-funded or partly-funded scholarships out there.

However, it is still regarded as a scholarship due to the help it renders to Nigerian Female Students across the nation.

Scholarship Worth of NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduate Students

Undoubtedly, every Scholarship out there has a worth.

Moreover, this is what tells us what we are to expect from an offer. In this case, the NWAG Scholarship is said to be worth a total of $7,000+.

However, this is split amongst all 37 beneficiaries across the 36 states and the FCT. Thus, each awardee is given a study grant of $200 for the support of their education.

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How To Apply For The NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduate Students

Upon finding out about any opportunity, the next thing we often ask is how to apply for it.

Well, applying for the NWAG Scholarship is quite simple. Moreover, all the processes can be done online.

However, one needs to be careful during an application session.

Moreover, most candidates fail out due to application errors. To apply for the NWAG Scholarship, an applicant must possess some documents beforehand.

These documents include:

  • Local Government Identification Letter (Or Proof of state of origin).
  • Recent passport photograph.
  • Scanned Letter of recommendation from your Head Of Department.
  • Two letters of recommendation from either your church/mosque leader, Local Government Chairperson, or Lecturer.
  • A double-paged essay on a topic given by the Scholarship body.


“In light of the incessant clashes between the Fulani herdsmen and various communities in Nigeria, how do you suggest that the federal government address the reason for these conflicts?”

N/B: This should be well-typed and double spaced.

  • Not more than one-half typed page document explaining why you need to be selected for this offer.

All scanned documents and write-ups are to be submitted online.

However, hard copies can also be mailed to the following address. P.O Box 14542, Atlanta, GA 30324, USA.

For students who would want to submit their documents via soft copies online:

Send all documents to [email protected]

The subject of the email should contain both the name and state of a candidate.


  • Incomplete applications lead to disqualification.
  • At the slightest suspicion of plagiarism, a candidate is automatically disqualified.
  • All online submissions must be in either word or PDF format.
  • Late submissions are not usually accepted.

To find out more about applying for the NWAG Scholarship, make sure you check out their official page.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline for the NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduates?

Due to unclear details, most people tend to ask when the deadline for the NWAG Scholarship is. The deadline for the NWAG Scholarship is on the 31st of May.

However, this can be subject to slight changes. Finding out more about this offer and their deadlines is quite easy.

All you have to do is visit their official page and subscribe to follow up. The link to this page is already given in an earlier part of this article.

Is the NWAG Scholarship fully-funded?

No! Unlike most scholarships out there, the NWAG Scholarship is not fully funded. Rather, it is regarded as a study grant given to aid talented Female students.

As of today, each beneficiary is awarded a sum of $200. This is to support the study funding of these candidates.

Is the NWAG Scholarship open to everybody?

This is another popular query. Now, to answer that question here is all you need to know.

The NWAG Scholarship is open to all females.

However, it is exclusive to all female undergraduate students in Nigeria. Female students outside Nigeria are ineligible to apply.

In the same light, male students both within and outside the country are also ineligible for this offer.

Is the NWAG scholarship genuine?

Often shortened for the Nigerian Women Association Of Georgia, NWAG is a well-recognized body.

Moreover, this body has been active for years now. Having carried out several humanitarian works through the years, one can say NWAG is a blessing to women.

As a trusted organization, the NWAG Scholarship grant is also a genuine grant given to qualified students.

To maximize chances of selection, carefully go through the application process again.

That will be all we have on the FAQs about NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduates.

With the help of these questions, I believe the doubting minds have more understanding of this Scholarship.

As we speak, many opportunities like this are active and working.

However, most students ignore these offers on the basis of being ingenuine. Right now, more than 200 students have already gained Scholarships in Nigeria this year.

Moreover, this keeps counting as the year is not over yet. Want to be a part of these lucky students, then hop on all chances you get.

Who knows, you could be the next lucky one!

Conclusion Of NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduate Students

So far, that will be all we have on the NWAG Scholarship For Nigerian Female Undergraduates.

From this article, you can see that this is indeed a rare offer. As a qualified female student, all that is needed is the required documents and the right mindset.

Moreover, this Scholarship is a flexible one.

However, it can become tricky when underrated. Open to all, female students from different fields of study can apply for this golden opportunity.

Moreover, others have benefited from this offer in the past. You could be next!

Today, there are so many study grants like this out there.

However, students find it difficult to locate them. Moreover, one can not have access to everything in the world.

As we speak, similar chances are wasting away probably close to you.

In a bid to bring more scholarship information to your doorsteps, we have created this platform just for you.

Here, you will discover a whole lot about Scholarship opportunities in Nigeria.

Moreover, this is what most Nigerian students need.

If you want to be current about the latest happenings in the Scholarship world in Nigeria and across the world, then be here.

You can feel free to join us by subscribing to this blog.

In all, we do wish you success as you scout for these golden opportunities online. And by the way, remember to drop your comments below.

We value them all.

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