Where to Buy Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Are you contemplating where to buy a Nigerian dwarf goat?

If that’s truly the case, then you need not worry as this article will give answers to where you can find one.

Nigerian dwarf goat is a distinctive species of goat that falls under the West African dwarf goat.

Irrespective of its miniature height, this species of goats is like because of its colorful appearance and productivity.

There are many other things to describe Nigerian dwarf goats as we will look at them in detail.

An Overview of Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Before looking at where to buy Nigerian dwarf goats, let’s first take a gander at these species of goats.

Nigerian dwarf or short goats are considered as the best miniature than normal dairy goat breed.

They are very productive in terms of milk, and they rate high when contrasted with their little size.

This species of goats has its origin from West African dwarf goats that is much similar to the American breed of dwarf goat.

Nigerian dwarf goats are very much reared domestically.

Most people raise them particularly as pets.

They are exceptionally well known as pets principally for their simple upkeep and little height.

In any case, aside from these goats being pets, they are good milkers.

This species of goat, the Nigerian dwarf goat is widely reared in many countries due to its usefulness stated above.

The goat species were first imported to the USA through ships, back to the eighteenth century.

Around then, Nigerian dwarf goats were utilized as food for the huge felines like lions in the zoo.

There are many other things to describe Nigerian dwarf goats as we will highlight the actual characteristics and behavior of this species of goats.

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Physical Characteristics of Nigerian Dwarf Goats

It’s crystal clear that Nigerian dwarf goats are short in height, however, there are other physical characteristics that you should know about this species of goats.

The following is an outline of the physical characteristics and behavior of Nigerian dwarf goats:

  • There are two distinct height standards for Nigerian Dwarf goats. The female ones: 22.5 inches at the withers; while the males: 23.5 inches at the withers.
  • The generality of Nigerian dwarf goats are browsers, eating tips of woody bushes and trees.
  • They often source for feeds on the field by removing blackberry, weedy undergrowth, and ivy (even toxin ivy and toxic substance oak) that other domesticated animals will not eat.
  • Nigerian dwarf goats are productive which is the main reason for their patronization.
  • The doe can create up to two quarts each day of milk that is higher in butterfat (6 to 10 percent) and protein than milk from most dairy goat breeds.
  • Even as Nigerian dwarf goats are raised for milk production yet some people prefer them as pets.
  • Another reason why people like Nigerian dwarf goats is that they are gregarious, amicable, and strong and can flourish in practically any environment.
  • Nigerian dwarf goats come in numerous appearances. The colors of this species of goats include dark, red, cream, white and diverse color mixtures. A few goats have white frosting on their ears.
  • A large number of Nigerian dwarf goats normally have horns. However, if you don’t like them that way, you can disbud them at their young age (typically inside their fourteen days old enough).
  • Typically this process of removing the goat’s horn is usually done for the safety of the goat, other goats, and human caregivers.
  • Normally the color of the Nigerian dwarf goat’s eye is dark, yet a few goats have blue eyes.

Those are the distinctive features of Nigerian dwarf goats.

A close look at these points, you can see that these goats are worth their likeness by a lot of people.

From the colors to its productivity, there is a lot to gain from this species of West African dwarf goats.

Best Places to Buy Nigerian Dwarf Goats

where to buy a Nigerian dwarf goat

Even as Nigerian dwarf goats are very popular in the country, however knowing where to buy them is very important to get the best out of the market.

These goats are found in 2 out of 5 houses in the rural areas of the country.

Sourcing these goats isn’t as hard as you may think, however you need a guide on where to buy these flocks.

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1. Buying directly from Farm

There is a good number of agricultural farms in the country that deals with farm animals like goats.

You can go to these places and buy these dwarf goats directly from the first seller.

The advantage of this medium is that you will buy at a lower rate compared to what is obtained in other outlets.

You can also choose to resale those goats to the retailer.

On the whole, you can create a business in goat wholesaling by buying directly from the producing animal farms.

2. Buying from the Market

The market is another place to source a Nigerian dwarf goat.

Almost all the markets in the country have these goats in their domain.

It’s preferable to buy from markets that are closer to the farms where these goats are reared.

That, by and large, implies that buying from commercial areas will be very high in the pricing.

3. Online Stores

Some online stores have Nigerian dwarf goats up for sale.

You can utilize a platform like Jiji. ng to view the collection of goats on their website.

Though buying from online stores is good, it doesn’t allow physical examination of the goat to be bought.

If you would want to do a business of this kind, it’s advisable to engage in a face-to-face deal with the seller.

Goat Prices in Nigeria

Generally, the cost of goats in places like Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Niger, Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, and Yola states goes from ₦7,000 to ₦15,000.

While in southern places like Lagos, Onitsha, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt, the normal market price for goats goes from ₦10,000 to ₦25,000.

This shows that buying from anywhere in northern Nigeria will be the best deal.

How much do Nigerian Dwarf Goats Cost?

The cost of buying a Nigerian Dwarf goat differs contingent upon the nature and size of the goat you are hoping to buy.

For rearing of pedigree quality goats, the cost is around ₦60,000 or ₦100,000 per head.

For the pet-quality Nigerian dwarf goat, the cost will run somewhere in the range of ₦15,000 and ₦30,000 per head.

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Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Nigerian Dwarf Goats

So far we have delineated where to buy Nigerian dwarf goats.

This is a very special species of goat that is miniature in size, colorful, and very productive.

In case you want to get them, then this article was very excessive on their current prices and where to buy them in the country.

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