Nigeria Passport Renewal in UAE

If you’re contemplating the Nigeria passport renewal in the UAE, then this article will encapsulate all that you should know about the process.

The United Arab Emirates, UAE is a well-known destination for a lot of foreigners from other countries.

In this regard, Nigerians are not ruled out of this fact, as a good number of people here do often visit and reside in the Arab country.

If you’re one of the residents of UAE and perhaps your Nigeria passport is getting expired soon.

Then you should read through this article to get the full guide on how to carry out the renewal process.

Where to Renew Your Nigerian Passport in UAE

Before we delve into how to renew your Nigeria passport in the United Arab Emirates, let’s first look at where to get this done.

Note that all Nigerian passport-related issues are done at the office of the Nigerian Embassy in Dubai, UAE.

At the point when you decide to apply for a Nigerian passport through this Consulate office in Dubai, you should first find the address and contact number of the office.

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Nigerian Embassy in Dubai Contact

Here is the contact information of the Nigerian Consulate in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Office Location: Opp. Consulate General of Singapore – Villa 14, 73 B St – Dubai
  • Phone: 058 693 5266
  • Working Days and Time: Sunday – Thursday – 9 AM–2 PM and Friday – Saturday – Closed

Then again, Nigerians in Dubai and other areas can go directly to the Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Apply and get their visa that very day of application.

Note: The Nigerian Consulate office in Dubai doesn’t issue the visa.

This means that the Nigerian Consulate in Dubai doesn’t give renewed Nigerian International visas, however, they help to work with the way toward carrying out the process.

If you are in the Country (UAE), all you have to do is to collect the forms there.

Fill and submit them, and they will help process them for you.

Nevertheless, the Nigerian Consulate won’t issue the passport directly except the Nigerian Immigration Service.

The Nigerian Embassy in Dubai as I have referenced won’t give a visa.

However, you can make payment and schedule the date and time to visit Nigeria Consulate in Abu Dhabi for the passport processing.

If you’re still not sure of where to start from at the point when your Nigerian passport in UAE expires.

Then you will be confronted with two options:

Is possible you go to Nigeria Consulate in Abu Dhabi or you come down to Nigeria and do the renewal process directly at the Nigeria Immigration office.

How to Renew Nigeria Passport in Dubai

Here are the simple steps to follow to renew your expired visa in a foreign country:

1. Apply Online on Nigeria Immigration Website

Since the Nigeria Immigration Service is the only authorized body to issue Nigeria passports, you should first start the registration process from their domain.

Nigeria Immigration website.

Enter their website address on your web browser and carry out the following processes:

  1. Select the e-standard passport (Passport Type*)
  2. Then click the second box (Processing Country*) and you will see an option to select UAE which is where you wish to carry out the processing.
  3. When that is done, the next thing is to click and start the application process for your passport renewal.
  4. Note you will be required a mailing address to receive messages about the application. In that case, you can use either your Gmail account or yahoo account to walk the process easily.
  5. Also, before you begin the new application or making payment for the passport renewal, ensure to contact the Nigerian Embassy or Immigration Office for the opening dates, times, and hours of service.

2. Pay at the Nigerian Consulate Office in Dubai

When you are done with the first step in the website, it should take you to the next page.

This is where you will be able to print out your online application for the Nigeria passport.

Ensure to be present with your online application and your expired passport at the moment you go to the Nigerian Consulate office in Dubai.

The location of the Nigerian Consulate office in Dubai is at 22A (22nd Floor), Silver Tower, Cluster 1, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai UAE.

Ensure to go there on working days to avoid unattended visits.

It’s preferably you go on the working days: Monday and Wednesday.

Your visits should be from 9 am to 4 pm in the evening.

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3. Capturing And Collection

The capturing and collection process is carried out in the office of the Embassy of Nigeria, Abu Dhabi.

The two processes are done once you are through with the previous step.

Then, you will take with you the printed application form which was filled out from the immigration website.

Also, you should take the payment receipt you paid online or any that was issued to you from OIC to Nigeria Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

If you would want to make payment, that can as well be done to the Embassy of Nigeria, Abu Dhabi.

When going for capturing and collection at the office of the Embassy of Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, always go on working hours.

The office only handles passport-related issues on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that is done within the hours of 9 am to 12 pm on those days.

As already said, unofficial visits aren’t allowed to the Embassy of Nigeria, Abu Dhabi.

Anybody intending on coming for his or her passport renewal should first call 02 4431503 Ext.123 to secure an appointment with the office.

It is important to note that attention will only be given to those with confirmed appointments and they will be allowed entry into the Embassy.

A number of fifteen (15) applicants will be attended to between 0900hours – 1200hours daily.

You can alternatively call the embassy through their telephone lines: +971-2-4431503 I Fax: +971 2 4431792

Cost of Nigeria Passport Renewal in UAE

If you’re interested in knowing how much you will pay for a renewed Nigeria passport in the United Arab Emirates.

Then that shouldn’t be a big deal.

The cost of passport renewal should be less than AED600, though the price will be more elevated when processing from Nigeria, due to currency exchange rates.

This fee can be paid by POS; Mastercard and Visa.

Final Thoughts on Nigeria Passport Renewal in UAE

At the point you are done with your online application, just call this number 02 4431503 Ext. 123 or 208 to secure an appointment with Nigerian Embassy in UAE for passport renewal.

Be available there with the required documents which must be original and photocopies before the Embassy;

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We believe you now have a view of how and where to renew your Nigeria passport in the United Arab Emirates.

This post was aimed to update you on the processes involved to renew your Nigerian passport from the Nigerian Consulate office in Dubai to receive your visa in the Embassy of Nigeria, Abu Dhabi.

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