Madonna University Cut-off Mark 2023/2024 (JAMB and All Departments)

Madonna University Cut-off Mark – The Madonna University cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 academic year has been released.

This means that all candidates who took the UTME and scored above the required minimum cut-off mark and who have completed their O-levels with at least 5 credits, including English language, mathematics, and other relevant subjects for their proposed course of study, are eligible for admission into Madonna University.

To be eligible for the Post-UTME screening exercise at the Madonna University Okija, Elele, and Akugo campuses in Anambra, candidates must first get at least the minimum cut-off mark, which is set by JAMB and the university management.

Candidates who meet the minimum cut-off mark are automatically eligible to take the 2023/2024 post-UTME test. If they pass, they will be admitted into the University.

Check out the end of this post for the approved JAMB cut-off mark for Madonna University.

 Candidates should be aware that the advantages of earning the minimum cut-off mark as allowed by JAMB include the ability to sit for the Post-UTME and, if they beat the departmental cut-off mark, the opportunity to study any of the courses offered in the institution after successfully completing his or her physical internal screening of documents by the appropriate faculties and offices in the school.

Documents required for Internal screening are:

  • Printed Post-UTME Screening Form
  • Internet copy of O’level results (WAEC or NECO)
  • Printed copy JAMB Result Slip
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of age

Recently, it has been hard for UTME and DE candidates who chose Madonna University to find out the real cut-off mark for their course.

There have been a lot of unanswered questions, so I thought it would be helpful to answer them, especially since they may be similar to the questions you may have wanted to ask below.

What is Madonna University Current Cut-off Mark?

The cut-off score at Madonna University is 140. Any candidate with a score of 140 or more in the UTME is eligible for the post-UTME screening exercise.

Does Madonna University Accept Second-choice Candidates?

Only first-choice applicants are accepted at Madonna University.

Can Madonna University Accept Me If I Score 179?

As stated above, you can only apply for Madonna University Post-UTME if you got a score of 140 or higher in the UTME. This means that you are qualified.

What is Madonna University Cut-off Mark for Economics?

Candidates with 230 or above and a Post-UTME score of at least 65 have a better chance of studying Accounting at Madonna University. But if you score 140 or more, you are eligible for a Post-UTME screening test at the school, but you will have to change your course.

If I Score 220 in JAMB and Choose Madonna University as my Second Choice, Can I Gain Admission?

Regardless of your JAMB score, Madonna University will only accept first-choice applicants.

How Can I Change my Institution to Madonna University Because I Passed their Cut-off Mark?

Just buy a change of course form from JAMB. It costs about two thousand Naira (N2,500).

Fill in the needed information and click “Submit.”

When your application is approved, you will be notified by the email address you gave, or you may check via JAMB CAPS.

What Are My Chances of Gaining Admission to Study Microbiology With a JAMB Score of 200 and a Good O’level Result at Madonna University?

You have a possibility of gaining admission to Madonna University with a JAMB score of 200 and a good O’level result, but not in Microbiology.

You should probably switch to a less competitive course.

What is the JAMB Cut-off Mark for Pharmacy and Medicine and Surgery?

We recommend that you have a JAMB score of at least 250 and a Post-UTME score of at least 70 to have a chance to study both Pharmacy and Medicine.

I am an Indigene of Oyo, Can I be Considered for Admission If I Score Below the Cut-off Mark?

The JAMB cut-off mark for Madonna University is the same for all applicants, regardless of their state of origin.

What is the Cut off Mark for Business Administration at Madonna University?

We recommend that you get at least 200 in your JAMB and at least 65 in your Post-UTME. When your total score is added up, you will have a better chance of getting admitted to the University.

What is the Cut-off Mark for Computer Science at Madonna University, I scored 170, Can I Gain Admission?

If you want to study computer science at Madonna University, you need a score of 240 or higher.

However, the higher your UTME score, the better your chances. Also, your score in the Post-UTME exam would be a deciding factor.

Nevertheless, you are qualified to take the Post-UTME or switch to a less competitive course.

I am an Indigene and I Scored 225 in JAMB, Can I Secure Admission to Madonna University?

Yes, you can because you got higher than the minimum score needed. But your chances of getting admitted would also depend on the course you chose.

What is Madonna University JAMB Cut-off Mark/Aggregate Score for Law?

To study Law at Madonna University, you need a total score of 271.

Can I Gain Admission to Study Accounting with a JAMB score of 210?

You can get admission into Madonna University, but you can’t study Accounting with a UTME score of 210. 

Because accounting is a professional course, the JAMB cut-off mark is high. You need an overall score of at least 244 to study Accounting at Madonna University.

Does Madonna University Accept Transfer Students from Other Universities?

Yes, Madonna University accepts transfer students as long as they meet their standards.

What is the JAMB Cut-off Mark for Engineering?

You are qualified to participate in post-UTME at Madonna University if you have a JAMB score of 140.

But you need a score of at least 245 to study engineering at Madonna University.

Engineering courses require a high JAMB score because there is a lot of competition for admission slots.

What is the Required JAMB Cut-off Mark for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Management Sciences?

The cut-off point varies.

The minimum score for the faculty of social sciences is 160, and the minimum score for the faculty of management science is also 160.

These are the most common questions about Madonna University, Okija JAMB score and the best answers to them.

Please read them carefully, as they will help you figure out your course and the required cut-off mark.

As we always tell candidates, getting above the University’s JAMB cut-off mark doesn’t mean you’re automatically accepted into the institution.

You still have to pass an internal screening exercise (physical verification of original documents) before you can be fully admitted into the institution.

Like most private universities in Nigeria, Madonna University gives candidates automatic admission to study the course of their choice after they pay the acceptance fee for provisional admission from JAMB.

If they don’t pay this fee, they automatically lose their automatic admission.

Madonna University JAMB Cut-off Mark for All Courses 2023/2024

The cutoff mark for all courses at Madonna University for the 2022/2023 academic session is 140.

This means that candidates who score 140 or higher are automatically qualified to take Madonna University’s Post-UTME exam.

The departmental cut-off mark for Madona University is shown in the table below:

Accounting140 and above
Marketing140 and above
Food Science And Technology140 and above
English Language140 and above
Philosophy140 and above
Religious Studies140 and above
Theology140 and above
Business Education140 and above
Education And Science140 and above
Banking And Finance140 and above
Business Management140 and above
Chemical Engineering140 and above
Civil Engineering140 and above
Computer Engineering140 and above
Electrical /Electronics Engineering140 and above
Mechanical Engineering140 and above
Petroleum Engineering140 and above
Anatomy140 and above
Medical Laboratory Science140 and above
Medicine And Surgery140 and above
Nursing/Nursing Science140 and above
Optometry140 and above
Pharmacy140 and above
Physiology140 and above
Public Health Technology140 and above
Biochemistry140 and above
Computer Science140 and above
Industrial Chemistry140 and above
Library And Information Science140 and above
Microbiology140 and above
Economics140 and above
Entrepreneurship140 and above
International Relations140 and above
Mass Communication140 and above
Political Science140 and above
Psychology140 and above
Public Administration140 and above
Sociology140 and above

Candidates should be reminded again that the higher their JAMB and Post-UTME scores, the higher their chances of being offered admission to Madonna University to study the course they registered for in their UTME.

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  1. If i have
    245 as a score can I study medicine and surgery in Madonna university?

    1. The cut-off mark required for admission into Medicine and Surgery at Madonna University may vary depending on factors such as the number of available spaces and the number of applicants.

      However, based on the JAMB grading system, a score of 245 is a good score and may meet the cut-off mark for admission into Medicine and Surgery at Madonna University, depending on the specific requirements.

      I would recommend contacting their admission office for more information!