Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship Program 2022

The Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship Program

The LSX is a two-year fellowship for professionals in their mid-career in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Africa who want to develop cross-sector abilities for presenting new findings and accelerating change in their schools and communities.

The program’s purpose is to promote a greater understanding, wider diffusion, and better implementation of learning science discoveries for children aged 2 to 12.

Program Details

LSX Fellows will collaborate in groups to create cross-sector initiatives that promote transformation in schools and other learning environments.

At the third LSX summit in June 2024, this project will be displayed as the fellowship’s completion.

Fellows will participate in seminars and conferences focused on new paths in learning science, how to help students with diverse backgrounds and needs, and how to effectively communicate science to educators, parents, legislators, and other wide audiences.

Fellows will also produce tangible deliverables like blog pieces and op-eds.

The ideal LSX Fellows applicant will be working on educational issues, utilizing learning research, or producing messaging about adaptive teaching and personalized learning.

There will be fifteen fellows selected, three from each of the five areas.

The LSX Fellows’ inaugural meeting is scheduled for June 2022 in Washington, DC, as a hybrid event (virtual and in-person, pandemic allowing) during the second-ever LSX Summit, which will highlight the work of the current class of LSX Fellows.

The next cohort of LSX Fellows will present their work at a third LSX Summit in June 2024, at the end of the fellowship.

Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship Program Requirements

Suitable for:

  • Researchers that are interested in converting knowledge into action for practitioners, parents, and policymakers, and who are working on new research on learning or learning variability.
  • Entrepreneurs with innovative educational solutions who want to improve learning and education so that students may achieve their full potential.
  • Leaders in education who operate, administrate, or develop schools or systems that emphasize on customized learning and adaptive teaching, particularly those who have previously taught.
  • Journalists working in education who want to learn more about learner variability and encourage more effective communication about learning science within educational institutions and among teachers and parents.
  • Producers of entertainment and game developers that wish to learn more about learning variability and personalised learning in this age range.

Application for Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship Program

Applicants for the LSX Fellowship must submit the following documents:

  • Short personal remarks describing their assets (200 words) and their goals (200 words);
  • A 200-word summary of a specific field of study or project they are currently working on or would want to start;
  • Three work examples, which may be submitted as PDFs or Word documents and/or include links to past projects, published articles, videos, or other assets that assist display their interests and abilities; and a résumé or CV.

Learning Sciences Exchange Fellowship Program Deadline

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: February 15, 2022

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