kLab Startup Academy Program for young Rwandan Tech Entrepreneurs.

Inadequate digital skills have proven to be one of Rwanda’s issues, and one that must be addressed immediately. Following the outbreak of Covid-19, which left most firms and countries trying to accept the new normal of conducting business and getting work done, the demand for digital skills has grown even more crucial.

Entrepreneurs & Innovators program and Talent program were designed by kLab Startups Academy to help innovators and entrepreneurs as well as talents interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry acquire digital skills.

From the ideation stage through a marketable prototype, the Entrepreneurs & Innovators program will focus on delivering business skills and capacity development on the business aspects.

This program is designed for young techpreneurs who respond to various difficulties that the community has in the technology ecosystem and then develop solutions to those challenges.

High school graduates, university students, and young entrepreneurs and inventors make up this group of tech entrepreneurs.

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Requirements of kLab Startup Academy Program

  • Entrepreneurs in the technology sector
  • Software Developers/Technical Talents
  • Student with a high school diploma, a TVET certificate, or a university degree
  • Entrepreneurs in the Technology Sector
  • Are you interested in becoming a software developer or an entrepreneur?
  • Working on at least one IT project (i.e., school project)
  • Programming knowledge is beneficial (i.e., web development or mobile app development)

Eligible Country

  • Rwandan

Benefits of kLab Startup Academy Program

  • Market-fit prototype (pre-incubation).
  • Incubation of new technologies is available (250STARTUPS)

Application Deadline

  • September 24th, 2021

How to Apply for kLab Startup Academy Program

To apply for this program, kindly Visit the Official Webpage of the kLab Startup Academy Program

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