Kano State Government Scholarship 2022: How To Apply

This is to inform all undergraduate students from Kano that the Kano State Government Scholarship is ongoing.

Kano State Scholarships Award is exclusively meant for indigenes of the state whose parents are Kano State citizens.

Applicant must have obtained admissions into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, or in some cases Overseas.

Without any reference to old age in so far as they fulfill the spelled out conditions and are not under the services of Government or Non-Governmental Organizations.

Without prejudice to the above, the Board, at its discretion, may grant awards to legally certified applicants.

The Award, however, is neither a Right nor is it Automatic.

But a Privilege as the Board reserves the right to change or cancel an award where necessary.

In granting the Scholarship Award, the income of the applicant or that of his Parent(s) is to be taken into consideration in the decision making.

However, since funds are not enough, grants must by necessity be restricted.

Eligibility for Kano State Government Scholarship.

All students must meet the following eligibility requirement before being considered for the Kano State Government Scholarship.

  • You must be Kano State Citizen.
  • Admitted to any Nigerian Tertiary Institution.
  • Study at the levels of Undergraduate, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, Remedial, and Postgraduate.

Ineligible Applicants

The under-listed programmes and/or fields of study do not attract Sponsorship by the Board: –

a) Pre-ND / Introductory Courses

b) Pre-NCE Courses

c) All Part-time / In-service Training

d) Certificate Courses (At All Levels)

e) All Undergraduate Courses in the case of Overseas

f) All Postgraduate Courses tenable in Nigeria

How to Apply for Kano State Government Scholarship 2022

The procedure for application is outlined below: –

  • Purchase a Scratch Card and fill the Application Form on-line.
  • Scan and attach the following Documents:
Kano State Government Scholarship

i) Admission Letter

ii) Birth Certificate / Age Declaration

iii) Primary School Certificate

iv) Last Examination’s Statement of Results

v) Registration Receipt/Bank Teller for the Academic Session

vi) Other Relevant Documents (if any)

vii) Recent Passport Photograph

Print copy of the completed Application form, attach copies of the credentials listed in b) above, and submit to the board.

Sponsorship Interview:

The arrangement for a Sponsorship Interview is usually based on sorting out and distributing the registered applications to the appropriate Student Officers.

The Deputy Secretary, in liaison with Executive Secretary, draws the timetable for the interview, which is subject to the approval of the Board.

The final approved copies of the timetable would be reproduced and sent to the affected institutions for information and noting not less than one (1) week before the time.

SCHEDULE OF INTERVIEWS will also be available on our website for easy and timely access by all applicants.

Main Interview

The Students shall attend the interview/screening with the Original Copies of their Credentials.

Students of Diploma, N.C.E., and I.J.M.B. who were Absorbed/Admitted into H.N.D. or Degree Programme do the same procedure as the New Applicants.

In the course of the interview, students will either be Recommended or Rejected.

However, where an applicant’s identity is doubted, or some vital documents or information are needed before a final decision is taken, the matter is left Pending.

Doubtful iIdentity

Where the matter pending relates to proof or investigation of identity.

The applicant is required to bring his/her father/guardian and or such a reputable person, indeed or concrete evidence that would prove to the Board that he (the applicant) is a bonafide indigene of the state.

Where necessary, the case may be required to go out on a full and concise investigation. A written report should, at the end of the findings, be made upon the recommendations for the Board’s ratification.

Payment Of Internal Student Maintenance & Other Allowances:

Sessional Internal Student Maintenance and Other Allowances would be paid to the beneficiaries once in each Academic Year.

Procedure of Payment

It is important to note that before the payment of Internal Student Maintenance and Other Allowances are effected, copies of a well-spelled out payment schedule will available on our website and will also be widely circulated to all the affected sponsored students, through their respective institutions, for information and strict compliance.

Payments may be made directly to beneficiaries’ accounts via e-payment, in students’ own institutions, or other designated centers where applicable.


All payments of student allowances stand forfeited if the beneficiaries fail to collect their money at the end of the prevailing exercise.

Documents of Payment of Kano State Government Scholarship:

On payment, students must produce to the Paying Officer the Original and Photo Copies of the following documents:

a) For New Students

i. Scholarship Award Letter

ii. Admission Letter

iii. School Registration Receipt/Bank Teller

iv. School Identity Card

b) For Old Students

i. Clearance Slip (or online printout) for the Preceding Session

ii. Scholarship Award Letter

iii. School Registration Receipt/Bank Teller

iv. School Identity Card

Award and Remittance for Overseas Courses

All conditions for the application, award, or services, of Kano State Scholarships, in or outside Nigeria, are the same except in a few cases such as Payments of Allowances and Fees, procedures for Extension, and Formal Approval of the Award.

Here the Board is to select and submit the formal recommendation of suitably qualified applicants, for overseas training, to His Excellency, the Governor of Kano State through the Hon. Commissioner for Higher Education for approval.

All award holders, studying in a Country Overseas, are listed in one (1) Payment Voucher payable to a prescribed agent of the Nigerian Embassy of Nigeria High Commission (or General Consulate of Nigeria where applicable) in that country for onward transfer to the students and institutions concerned.

The agent is usually the Education Attaché of the Nigerian Embassy or an Agency, such as the Nigeria High Commission, or any related Organization, in the case of New Students who are yet to reach the country of study.

For the Continuing Students, going by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rule, a remittance of Living Expenses and Tuition Fees should be made directly into Student Personal Account and of the Institution respectively.

All applications for Extension Overseas must be passed through the Institutions of Study to the Nigerian Embassy in that country for endorsement to the Board filing all the relevant academic documents.

Source: Opera News

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