JUPEB Cut Off Marks For Unilag, OAU, Uniben, UNN, Uniport, Unilorin

JUPEB Cut Off Marks – JUPEB cut-off marks for Unilag, OAU, Uniben, UNN, Uniport, and Unilorin for the 2022/2023 academic session.

The cut-off mark for getting into Nigerian universities through the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) program is almost the same for all of the universities on the list that accept JUPEB results into 200 level.

We will give you the cut-off marks for all universities in Nigeria, including Unilag, Uniport, OAU, UNN, UNIBEN, Unilorin, and other universities.

JUPEB Cut Off Marks For Courses For Admission In Nigeria

This is the standard cut-off mark for students to get admission into 200-level courses with JUPEB.

With this overview, you can get an idea of the cut-off mark you can use to get into the course that interests you as a student.

To get admission with JUPEB, you must be able to get at least 5 out of the total 15 points. Now, since each course has its own cutoff score, we’re just going to brush through it.

Note: Some universities won’t let you take any course with less than 7,8,9 points. What you see here is the average cut-off point.

JUPEB Cut Off Marks For Courses

  • The JUPEB cut-off mark for any science, paramedical, or administrative course is 6 points or higher.
  • Students who want to study medicine in Nigerian universities that offer the course through JUPEB must have at least 12 points (they will still have to take other exams after getting the required number of points with JUPEB, OAU requires nothing less than 13 points).
  • The minimum JUPEB score for Engineering courses, A/level math, physics, and chemistry, and industrial chemistry is 8 points.
  • The JUPEB cut-off score for Social Sciences/Administrative Courses is a minimum of 7 points and above.
  • Candidates must have at least 5 points in Religious Studies, Languages, and most courses in the Arts Faculty and Agriculture.
  • The minimum score for Law in JUPEB is 13 points. If you want to study Law at universities that offer the course and accept JUPEB, you must have at least 13 points to get into the 200-level program.

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