International Graduate Scholarships at Central Michigan University

International Graduate Scholarships at Central Michigan University will be awarded to international students from all around the globe.

We admire your commitment to achieving your educational objectives. That is why we recommend that you look into the tuition awards, scholarships, and graduate assistantships offered by Central Michigan University in the United States.

International students from all around the globe are eligible for Central Michigan University Graduate Scholarships in any field. If you want to study in the United States, these and other scholarships in the United States might help you realize your ambition.

Available CMU International Graduate Scholarships

  1. Out-of-State Tuition Merit Award

Graduate students who fulfil all three of the following conditions are eligible for the Out-of-State Tuition Merit Award. Students that satisfy all of the criteria will be eligible for the domestic tuition rate, as well as additional perks.

  1. Graduate Assistantships

Graduate research, teaching, and administrative assistantships are available via academic departments. Each graduate assistant works for a certain department or other university-approved entity, and in exchange, the student gets tuition exemptions and stipends. Graduate assistantships are offered on a full-time and part-time basis.

  1. Neighbouring Regions Merit Award

Graduate students who satisfy the following criteria are eligible for the Graduate Neighboring Regions Merit Award. Domestic tuition will be available to those who satisfy the prerequisites.

  1. Legacy Tuition Award

Newly accepted graduate students with a parent or grandparent who graduated from CMU may be eligible for this scholarship, which covers resident tuition for the length of their program.

  1. Other Scholarships

Other CMU graduate awards include CMU Scholarships, Department Scholarships, Campus Employment, and External Scholarships, all of which need applications.

How to Apply for International Graduate Scholarships

International students will be required to get admitted into their choice departments at CMU and then stand a chance of winning one or more of these scholarships.

Application Deadline: Not Specified.

Visit the official website for more information.

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