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The INK Fellows Program 2022 is currently accepting applications.

INK Fellows Program

The INK Fellows Program brings together a young, global, and diverse group of innovators who think they will be tomorrow’s prime contractors.

INK recognizes the individuals who are redefining their fields of work and the world around them each year.

About The INK Fellowships

They should be able to get the help they need via the INK program to optimize their effect.

Take your time and read this material; the Scholarship update has put together all of the information you’ll need to earn the INK fellowship in 2022.

Every year, 20 remarkable persons are granted, INK Fellowships.

The Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation, the charity arm of Ixoraa Media Private Limited, has launched the INK Fellows Program.

The Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation is fortunate to have Tata Trusts as a supporter of the INK Fellows Program.

RELETED: 2022 Post-Doctoral Fellowship on the Right to Privacy in Africa

Nationality Requirements

The INK fellowship 2022 is available to anybody from anywhere in the world.

Aside from the INK Fellows Program 2022, overseas students may apply for various scholarships to study abroad.

You may search for scholarships by the nation to see what’s available.

Scholarship Worth

They will pay for your airfare to the INK Conference (Economy class). For the length of the conference, all local transportation and meals will be provided.

You will be housed in a shared room with another INK Fellow.

Other advantages include:

  • Learn how to convey your tales to the world and let us provide you with an audience that is eager to hear them.
  • Through in-depth coaching, master the art of storytelling and bring your ideas to the forefront at the INK Conference and other INK events across the globe.
  • They assist you to improve your effectiveness by providing you with audiences and platforms.
  • Talks given by Conference Fellows are promoted on INK’s digital channels, including and YouTube.
  • Throughout the Fellowship year and beyond, you will be featured on INK’s social media outlets.
  • Become a Fellow with one of our partner organizations.
  • Fellows are eligible to apply for the Fellowship grant offered by INK.
  • Unleash your full potential: Learn about best practices and more from some of the world’s game-changers.
  • Expert seminars and Fellows Mentor Connect.
  • Meet a formidable network of innovators with whom you may collaborate on joint projects.

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INK Fellows Program Eligibility

Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 40 at the time of application.

They’re seeking game-changers who are reimagining their areas of work and have the capacity to influence the world. We’d like to share your stories with a larger audience.

Technology, entrepreneurship, health/medicine, architecture and design, science, art/culture/literature, energy and environment, research and academics, education, sports, film/music, and social impact are examples of fields where applications should arise.

Take a peek at the portfolios of our previous Fellows to get a sense of the program’s variety.

Your job should be self-evident.

Selected INK Fellows must attend the INK Conference for the whole length (for the year they are chosen) and arrive two days early for onsite curation.

All Fellows have the following:

Demonstrated the ability to think in new ways, listen with an open mind, and continue to learn.

A vision for the world or their profession

At an early age, serious achievement (not necessarily academic!) in any subject.

Desire and capacity to contribute to the INK Community by actively participating

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Requirements for INK Fellows Program 2022

This Fellowship is equally yours and ours.

This isn’t a list of tasks you must do; it’s this strategy and mindset that has helped us the most throughout the years.


  • Take part in a Fellows introductory webinar, talk curation, and feedback sessions, among other onboarding and networking opportunities.
  • Participate in INK’s pre-conference social media initiatives to increase your exposure during the INK Conference.

Highlights at the INK Conference:

  • Make yourself accessible for the whole INK Conference.
  • During the conference, participate in all Fellows-related events (i.e. INK fellows dinner, on-site curation and rehearsals and other fun activities where you get to know your peers better).
  • On the main stage of INK, tell your riveting narrative.

In addition to the Conference:

  • Be an ambassador for the Fellowship by spreading the word about your engagement.
  • Make recommendations for Fellows and serve as a mentor to new Fellows.
  • Stay engaged with us and provide value to the Fellowship by:
  • Taking part in a variety of speaking events.
  • Trailblazers (INK’s annual Fellows event) is a great way to meet new people.
  • Conduct seminars for the INK’s community in your area of expertise.
  • Keep us informed about your current initiatives.

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How To Apply For INK Fellows Program 2022

  • Fill out the application form to apply for the program.
  • Each application will be reviewed by the INK internal staff, and the top 100 will be chosen based on an internal evaluation form.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be questioned by an external jury through Skype or video conference, after which we will select our top 50 prospects.
  • Internal and external evaluations are used to choose INK Fellows.

Please APPLY here if you are the applicant.

If you’re suggesting a family member, friend, or acquaintance. Please submit your nominations here.

INK Fellows Program Deadline

The deadline for fellows applications is September 30th of each year, after which no additional applications will be accepted.

Visit INK Fellowship for more information.

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