How To Win A Scholarship to Study Abroad

Wondering how you can win a scholarship offer to fund your tuition fees?

Then just read this post till the end and follow the simple trick we have to show you in the content.

However, Scholarship is very important to many individuals especially if your parent is struggling with life.

Come to think of it.

Why will many organization offers this scholarship for you to apply?


This might sound strange to some people but have you really think of it.

Besides, for me; I feel the want to impact the lives of people and encourage serious ones.

That means you have to be a very serious person who shows exceptional from others.

Moreover, let me first enlighten you on the trick you can apply to win a scholarship.

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Powerful Trick on How to Win a Scholarship

There are more powerful tricks to enable you to win thousands of dollar scholarships to cover your tuition fee.

It has nothing to do with your background or the nation.

But have it in mind that many scholarship offers have its own specifications.

As an international student in any foreign university or applying for a scholarship in Nigeria.

Winning a scholarship is sometimes more stressful.

But while others are less stressful.

Applicants looking for a scholarship must make sure that He or She follows the following tricks we are about to show you.

You can win more than one scholarship award if you just ahead to these simple rules.

Students with a scholarship offer in any institution are mostly cautioned about their lectures and academic achievement.

You must adhere strictly to keep enable a renewal of the offer.

Let me tell you a story of a 23-year-old Boy from Ethiopia who wins six (6) scholarship awards in just one academic session.

WOW! (that great) – while other people are searching for even one (incredible).

The 23 years old Boy shared this with a fellow scholarship website who interview him.

He explained everything in detail.

He actually applied for eight (8) scholarships.

Three (3) were fully funded scholarships.

One was in Singapore while the other from The Australian Government and the other in Canada.

The truth is.

There are more than 300,000 foundations and organizations yearly offering scholarship awards either partially or fully funded to international applicants. 

now let me start listing the 12 powerful tricks on how to win a scholarship for college.

12 Powerful Tricks on How to Win a Scholarship

Here are the 12 powerful tricks on how to win a scholarship for college or to study abroad very easily.

However, you needed to adopt the following when applying for a scholarship award.

This is irrespective of either you are an undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. applicant.

There is always a scholarship award to cover your tuition, living expenses, return air travel once a year, books and research materials.

1. Make A Move

You can have a dream but you will be still dreaming if you don’t walk up and make it a reality.

You cannot apply for a scholarship when you are not ready.

If you ever want to secure a scholarship award to study abroad then;

You need to search for it.

Check if you are eligible.

Then apply as many as you would like.

We have a list of both national and international scholarships that might meet your criteria.

A quote says “There is no impossibility thing except you have not given a try”.

The question is – there are thousands of people receiving scholarships yearly to fund their educational career abroad, how did they do it?

2. Have a Vision

If you have already made a move to seek on how to win a scholarship.

It is time for you to have a vision that implies that you should start searching for a scholarship that met your requirements.

Your vision will also depend on if you want a scholarship in Nigeria or a Scholarship to study abroad.

Now that you want to pursue an educational career.

what is your plan behind it?

Don’t just wish a bread because you find a friend eating it, let there be a reason before you demand for a bread or it may turn a stone.

Every scholarship is provided to outstanding applicants who are different from others.

You should have a vision either to;

  • Use the scholarship award to impact more on young peoples and new generation leaders.
  • Use the skill acquired after study to change the ideas and socioeconomic of your community.

The main fact is.

You must have a vision for or to use the scholarship offer when accepted.

This is one of the important things the scholarship foundation wants to know about you.

It strongly determines how you can win the scholarship offer.

3. Tell Them What You Believe

What actually prompts you to apply for that scholarship?

Do you think they are just giving the scholarship because you want help to fund your tuition?

Every scholar has what they believe – but what will be your own? 

Telling them what you believe has to do with your story!

If you believe that education can change the way you think and act.

You must have believed in Higher education.

So that’s why you need a scholarship award to secure your future and fight your story out with your family and in your community.

4. Prepare Your Documents

Yes, your documents matter so much when applying for a scholarship award.

Here are the documents needed to apply for any scholarship

  • Academic Certificate or Transcript:

An academic certificate or transcript is an educational material of a student showing the Grades earned and classes during the study or course period.

Every high school graduates have an official transcript or a certificate. They will certainly need this from you.

  • Bachelor Degree Transcript or certificates:

You will need this if you want to apply for a postgraduate degree fund like Masters scholarships, MBA scholarships, or Ph.D. scholarships.

  • English Proficiency Test:

Some institution requires an applicant to pass the English language test (such as TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, SAT, ). Most especially for an applicant who is a citizen of non-English speaking countries.

Nigeria is an English-speaking country so some scholarships will not require you to submit an English Proficiency Test.

  • Other Documents:
  • Passport photo size (450*450mm)
  • Personal Statement Essay (check – read to write the essay guide)
  • Financial Report of your Family (Statement of account) optional 

**Scholarship sponsors do require excellent performance students who have achieved excellent results during high school.

5. Read to Write an Essay

Scholarships are always given to applicants with academic excellence who has practiced academic excellence in all points.

The essay is always the most interesting part for scholarship sponsors to know how good the applicants are in both reading and writing.

You must learn and know how to write a successful scholarship essay in order to win a scholarship.

Applicants must follow this rule when writing a scholarship essay

  • Use Times Roman font;
  • Double-space the words;
  • Use Justified in Alignment;
  • Use 12 font size.

**Observe the following in your typing format.

6. Have a Story:

Your story is another powerful trick on how to win a scholarship. Most of the scholarships can only be given to applicants with low economic backgrounds. When applying for a scholarship award.

Ensure that you have prepared a story to tell the scholarship sponsors and your story must address the core reason of them offering the scholarships to you.

It can focus on either your personal information. Why you are the right choice for the offer and so many other questions.

Here are the tips to adopt when telling your story in order to win a scholarship

  • Address your family issue frequently;
  • State your/family financial situation;
  • Tell them that you are from a low economic background;
  • Inform them how you have contributed to community service and leadership building.

Always repeat your family and financial situation that stops or might stop you from attaining university.

Tell them that you value education because you can use it to fight the economic situation of your family, community and encourage young people.

Likewise, mention some outstanding projects you did while in secondary school, community, or contribution to society.

7. Have a Passion for Helping People

When you are given a scholarship, it benefits you. But they also want you to be of benefit to them and others.

What does this mean? 

Every scholarship sponsor expects you to have already achieved the attitude and goal of helping people.

It also needs to draw their attention to your success in life through your community. The previous school you attended and the impact you have placed on people’s lives is paramount.

Scholarships can only be awarded to applicants who have made a difference in their community, lives, and services in one place or the other.

Always make them believe that you have made a difference in your community, school, church, and other places with total voluntary service to humanity.

Set an example to them or simply tell the reader what you have already done.

The example of your community service or leadership achievement must adhere to the kind of applicants they are looking forward to awarding the scholarship.

8. Have a Purpose:

Every human has a purpose in life, some discover it while some people do not.

The questions are – what is your own purpose when you are being awarded the scholarship?

Here are the kind of purpose you expected from;

  • It should narrate how you want to help the people in your community with the previous example;
  • Your purpose should also narrate how you want to help the institution.
  • Your leadership skills before and how you will improve it.

Always tell the scholarship sponsor your aim, objective, and strength towards the scholarship.

But keep your weakness to yourself – even you can’t meet the following, just tell them some things worth believable.

9. Mention Your Community Service or Leadership Achievements

Have a list of what you have achieved before.

It’s very important to have a good leadership achievement and mostly passion towards helping others to achieve more in life (not self-centered). 

These will boost your application toward selection.

10. Teacher/Counsellor/Principal Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are other important documents when applying for a scholarship.

People that know you and your relatives can always speak for you.

Always ask your school counselor, Principal, and your high school teacher who taught you the subject you love so much to write a recommendation letter on your behalf.

These should be towards securing admission and placement in university.

11. Learn from past scholars

To see past scholars of a particular funding foundation are very difficult.

But you can learn from scholars who have benefited from other scholarship awards.

Check youtube with the search word “scholar” or on every official scholarship website. Check scholars tap to find and connect to scholars who are willing to help you out.

Ask them questions like “How did you receive the scholarship you are currently enrolled” or “What were the criteria that emerge you one of the beneficially of the Award”.

They will be more than happy to help you.

12. Apply for a Scholarship is always in a very positive position to help you achieve your educational goal.

Always check scholarship update daily for related scholarship and subscribe to our newsletter to know when the scholarship is available.

Apply for as many scholarships as you can, and ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements to be awarded.

If you have any questions about scholarships or grants.

Do drop it in the comment box below and we will be more than happy on how to win a scholarship for yourself.

Things To Know About How to Win a Scholarship

We have prepared 95% answered questions that will help you in your scholarship application.

This will guide you through the steps to secure your dream scholarship that will change your life and change the future.

What is the scholarship update doing?

Scholarship update is an informative website about national and international scholarships for students to study anywhere in the world.

Can I get a scholarship update on my mail?

Yes! When you subscribe to the scholarship update newsletter, we send in related scholarships to your mail daily and or weekly with deadlines.

What Kind of scholarships are available?

There is various scholarship offer available yearly.

Some are partial scholarships, while other fully-funded scholarships for an either undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Always check the scholarship type to know if the scholarship is for you.

What are partial scholarships?

A partial scholarship is a type of grant that covers either tuition fees only or for your first year at the university.

What are fully-funded scholarships | 100% tuition fee scholarship?

Fully Funded scholarships or 100% tuition fee scholarship is a type of grant that cover all your living expenses, tuition fee, transportation, health insurance, traveling, books, and any other expenses throughout your study duration.

Who is an international student?

International students or applicants are citizens of other countries and not citizens or permanent residents of the country in which the scholarship or university is located.

Can I get a Postgraduate scholarship?

Yes! Most of the scholarship offers are awarded to graduate applicants.

These are mostly for master’s degree applicants that seek to further their educational career and add more value to either the university or their community.

What is my chance of been selected?

The scholarship award is always competitive and only candidates that meet the required criteria are mostly selected for the offer. 

Some scholarship sponsors will receive the application 10 times the required scholars. We always advise our candidates to have necessary requirements before applying for scholarship awards.

Offer is mostly given to the best performance applicants.

Where do I find a scholarship offer?

We publish thousands of scholarship awards for you to apply. You can also check the search engine for other related scholarships.

Do I need to apply for a scholarship before admitted to the university?

No! the scholarship is for applicants that could not pay their tuition fee and need assistance to cover some expenses. If the applicant can afford His or Her tuition fee, there is no need to apply for a scholarship.

But some institutions awards all admitted students a scholarship (partial) when accepted into the institution. Students can also apply for a scholarship after being accepted to the institution.

How do I Know a Scholarship is for International students/applicants?

All scholarship which is for international applicants, citizens of a specific country, or for Africa are well described in “Eligible Countries”

How do I know if am eligible for the scholarship?

All scholarships published on this website do have eligibility criteria or eligibility requirements. Always read with understanding to know if you are eligible for the award. If you meet the eligibility criteria, apply immediately.

Do I need the English Proficiency Test?

Not all scholarship requires an “English Proficiency Test” especially if you are a citizen of an English-speaking country.

We always include whether the scholarship required an English test or not but some countries, mostly Non-English speaking countries require that applicants have completed an English test.

What documents do I need to submit when applying for a scholarship?

You are expected to submit the following documents when applying for a scholarship award;

  • Academic transcript or certificate;
  • Personal essay or essay on a given topic;
  • Letter(s) of recommendation; Mostly from your high school teacher, principal or employer (for postgraduate applicants).

How can I write a good scholarship essay?

When writing a scholarship essay always read and understand what the sponsors want from you.

Scholarship essays can be either personal or on a specific topic. But make your essay address your background, goal, need for the scholarship, how you intend to use it, your leadership, and community service.

Can I apply for a Masters’ Scholarship during my Bachelor’s degree?


You must graduate before applying for a Masters’s degree either scholarship or not. Scholarship sponsors and University choice will require you to upload or submit your undergraduate transcript before you can be awarded the scholarship.

How can I find a scholarship in a particular country?

We have made the list of scholarships in a particular country of interest. Simply locate “by country” on the top menu to select the country you want.

Can I change my degree course (Major) of study after been awarded the scholarship?


You can change your major to any other Major you find interest in.

But it will be wise you choose the major that still cover the scholarship. Some scholarship is paid to the students directly not to the institution.

Can I Negotiate with University for the scholarship?

Most of the universities welcome students to discuss their problems regarding studying in their institution. University will either refer you to any open scholarship through the Financial aid office.

How do I Know if am awarded the scholarship?

All scholarship information will be sent directly to your mail.

The mail you provide during your application. We advise the candidate to check their mail daily to know any related updates and or information.

Who Should I ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

The best people to approach for the letter of recommendation are your high school teachers, friends, counselor, principal, parents, and employer.

Most scholarship sponsors require at least three (3) Letters of recommendation to proceed with the offer.

Can I Use my scholarship fund for anything?


But it will be ideal if you use the fund for the specific offer, investment, laptop, or any other thing that will enhance your study flexibility.

Can I work during my studies?

Some institutions in the US agree with students working. While some universities will offer you an on-campus job to help with student expenses.


We do believe that this piece of publishing content has given you a better knowledge of how to win a scholarship.

However, was it that much help to you? If you have any questions. kindly drop it on the comment box below and we will be happy to help you.

Share this post with friends on social media and stand a chance of helping others.

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