How To Simplify Complex Fractions?

To simplify a fraction, reduce it to its most basic form. If a fraction’s numerator and denominator only share the number one, it is said to be in its simplest form. 

The process of simplifying difficulties as we work to solve fractional problems is crucial. 

A fraction calculator by is a great tool that helps to simplify the fraction. The value of the fraction won’t change even after we simplify them. 

This indicates that the true fraction and the simplified fraction are two equivalent fractions.

We shall discover a few simple methods for simplifying fractions in this article.

Let’s get started!

How to Simplify Fractions?

Reducing a fraction to its simplest form is the definition of simplifying a fraction. 

If a fraction’s numerator and denominator are coprime or share only the number one as a common factor, it is said to be in its simplest form. 

The given fraction is equal to the given fraction in its simplest form. Using a fraction calculator will be quite helpful in simplifying fractions. 

For instance, the fraction 3/4 is in its most basic form since the only element that 3 and 4 have in common is 1. 

Let’s attempt to gradually simplify the fraction 8/24.

Simplifying Fractions Step by Step

Here is a step-by-step procedure to help you comprehend how to simplify a fraction. 

To learn how to simplify the fraction 8/24, think about it and then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: 

List the factors for the denominator and numerator.

The ratio between 8 and 24 is

  • The eights: 1, 2, 4, and 8 
  • The 24 factors include 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 24.

Step 2: 

Find the common factors between the denominator and the numerator. 1, 2, 4, and 8 are the common factors of the numbers 8 and 24.

Step 3: 

The numerator and denominator should be divided by each common factor until there is only one remaining. The fraction that is so obtained is in its most basic form. 

Starting with a division of 2, 8/24 becomes (8/2)/(24/2) = 4/12. Up until the point where we can no longer divide by 2, we will keep doing so. 

Thus, (4/2)/(12/2) = 2/6, which is equal to (2/2)/(6/2) = 1/3.

Above all, if you have a multiplying and dividing fractions calculator then you can solve a large fraction easily.

Simplifying Fractions with Exponents

The fraction with exponents in the numerator and denominator can be made simpler. 

To simplify the fraction using exponents, use the expanded form of exponents in the numerator and denominator. 

Sometimes we use exponents to make a number easier to read. 

Consider that we have a ratio of 35/32. 

After canceling out the common numbers, we shall express the numerator and denominator as the product of numbers.

35/32 = (3 × 3 × 3 × 3 × 3)/(3 × 3) = 3 × 3 × 3 = 27

You’ve now mastered the tool for simplifying fractions using a multiple-fraction calculator.

Simplifying Improper Fractions

A fraction is deemed inappropriate if the numerator exceeds or is equal to the denominator.

Simplifying improper fractions requires converting them into mixed fractions, which entails dividing the numerator by the denominator. 

Then, to write the quotient in mixed number form, we use the quotient as the whole number, the remaining sum as the numerator, and the divisor as the denominator.

For example, to simplify the improper fraction 11/4, we need to divide 11 by 4 and acquire the values of quotient and remainder after performing division. 1

1/4 is divided by 2 to get the quotient and 3 to get the remainder. Therefore, 2 ¾, is the improper fraction of 11/4 in its simplest form.

If you use a subtracting fractions calculator you can easily resolve improper fractions.

Simplifying Mixed Fractions

A proper fraction and a whole are combined to form a mixed fraction. 

You must only simplify the fractional component of a mixed fraction in order to simplify it. 

To do this, factor the denominator and numerator and eliminate any shared factors. 

The new numerator and denominator of the mixed fraction will be the outcome.

For instance: 3 4/10, as a mixed fraction, simplified.

Simplify only the fractional portion of the mixed fraction 3 4/10.

The fractional part’s numerator and denominator should be written in factored form after the common factors have been eliminated. 

A multiplying and dividing fractions calculator is designed to simplify the fraction including mixed fractions also.

Final Thoughts

Some fractions are large and complicated but it is easy to convert them into a simple form. 

A fraction calculator is the best feature to convert difficult or large fractions into simple fractions.


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