Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme 2022

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Undoubtedly, Guinness Nigeria is a company that needs no introduction in Nigeria. Well known for their ‘small stout’ beer, Guinness is popular across the nation.

Moreover, almost everyone is familiar with their products. Guinness Nigeria is a part of Diageo PLC.

Moreover, this is one of the world’s largest providers of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Whenever you hear the name Guinness, drinks often come to mind.

However, the case is different here. In this article, we are taking a look at a scholarship offered by this company.


Well, don’t be, as some folks are already benefiting from this offer brought to us by the ‘small stout’ makers. Without wasting time, let us go through all you need to know about the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements For The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme 2022

The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship is an open and popular one.

However, there are some criteria to meet to qualify for a place. To qualify fully for a place in the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship, a student must:

  • Be a citizen of Nigeria
  • Be a first or second year student in any Nigerian University/Polytechnic.
  • Have good past academic records.
  • Provide proof of admission to current school.

As we all know, every Scholarship opportunity has some eligibility requirements.

However, the difficulty of these requirements varies for different scholarships. As for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship, it is obvious that the requirements are quite simple.

Moreover, most Nigerian students meet them.

Eligible Courses/Programs For The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme 2022

Like many scholarships out there, there are some preferred courses for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship.

These are courses the Scholarship body chooses. Thus, students of these fields have better chances of selection over others.

Without wasting too much time, let us take a look at the eligible courses for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship.

  • Accounting
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Industrial and Labour Relations
  • Human Resource Management


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering


  • Lab Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Micro-Biology

These are the major courses Guinness Scholarship chooses. Students in these fields are highly selectable for this Scholarship offer.

However, this can be subject to slight changes in certain situations.

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Scholarship Type

Through the years, Guinness Nigeria has been providing numerous scholarships. As typical of their Scholarships, students always receive full funding for their studies.

The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme for 2022 is full payment. Thus, students need not worry about study expenses once selected.

Worth of Guinness Nigeria Scholarship

We all know that every scholarship out there has a worth.

Moreover, this is what shows a beneficiary what to expect from an offer. While most scholarships offer little, some offer so much.

As for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme, one can say its worth is on a moderate scale. As a beneficiary of this offer, you will be benefiting from allowances and bonuses.

Moreover, these are what make most Scholarship offers interesting. Here are the things to expect from the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme 2022:

  • Free Tuition
  • Book Allowance
  • Stipends for daily upkeep
  • Allowance for sudden expenses

The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme covers these major costs.

However, this is subject to certain conditions. While some beneficiaries can get more than this, some might get less.

Moreover, it is all dependent on the offer a candidate secures. From the texts above, you can see that you stand to gain a lot from the Guinness Scholarship.

As we speak, the lives of so many students have is no longer the same because of this offer.

Can’t wait to try this out?

Then read on.

In the next part of this article, we will take a look at how to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

How To Apply For The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme 2022

Having seen so much about the Guinness Scholarship, it is only natural to ask how to apply for it.

Here, we will take you through the application process for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship. Without taking any more time, let us take a look at what you need to do.

Applying for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship is actually easier than it may seem.

Moreover, everything can be done completely online. To do this at home, a student must have the following:

  • A working computer set (Desktop, Laptop) or a strong Tablet.
  • Strong internet connection (For submission of application).
  • Steady power or enough battery supply (To prevent interruptions).
  • A good camera phone or scanner (For scanning or taking clear snapshots of documents).

With the aforementioned equipment, one can carry out all application processes at home. However, those who do not have access to these can visit a cyber cafe to apply.

Application Process For The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship Scheme 2022

As already said, applying for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship is quite simple.

However, there are some documents that need to be available. Without these documents, an application session can not be completed by a candidate.

Let us take a look at these required documents for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship.

Required Documents:

  • Scanned copy of Local Government Identification Letter
  • Scanned copy of Admission Letter or Student ID card

These are the two major documents required during application for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship. To carry out the application process, qualified candidates are expected to forward their details to [email protected]

Details are to be forwarded in this manner

  • Full Name of Candidate
  • Current tertiary Institution (University/Polytechnic)
  • Town/LGA/State of Origin
  • Contact Details (Email address and Phone number)

Scanned copies of required documents mentioned earlier.

Remember, all details are to be forwarded to [email protected].

Upon submission of the application, candidates are then contacted for further processes. Through the years, so many have benefitted from this offer, and the numbers keep counting.

During the application process, candidates are advised to be extremely careful.

Moreover, errors have led to the disqualification of many. All documents must be named correctly, and all details must be correct.

Criteria For Selection:

Applicants may have to write an aptitude test.

Upon writing this test, selected candidates may also be required to provide recommendation letters.

This should be from the Chairperson of their Community Development Associations.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a popular company, so many people tend to ask questions about the Guinness Scholarship online. In this part of this article, we will tackle some of these popular online queries about this Scholarship.

Is the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship open to students in Polytechnics?

Direct Answer: Yes

The Guinness Nigeria Scholarship is open to all students in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Thus, both polytechnic and university students can apply for this offer.

However, the offer is exclusive to first and second-year students. Students who have surpassed the mentioned years are not qualified for the offer.

Is the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship open to Law students?

Sincerely speaking, there are preferred courses for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship. Taking a careful look at the preferred courses, we can see that law is not listed there.

Thus, the Scholarship is not open to students in the fields of Law, Medicine, e.t.c.

However, to confirm the eligible courses for this Scholarship, check out the list of courses in this article. Alternatively, you can visit the scholarship page to confirm available courses.

Are high school graduates eligible for the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship?

Direct Answer: No

Designed for students of higher institutions, high school graduates do not qualify for this offer.

As of 2022, the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship is open to only first and second-year students in tertiary institutions.

As part of the application process, students are asked to upload scanned copies of certain documents.

These are documents like admission letters, school ID cards, and more. Meanwhile, fresh graduates from secondary schools can not pass through the stages of eligibility.

Is the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship open on a yearly basis?

So you have missed out on the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship, and you keep wondering if there will be another?

Well. The Guinness Scholarship is open on a yearly basis. As a result, students who miss out can always wait for the following year.

To avoid being disqualified, students are always asked to cross-check their application processes.

Final Thoughts

So far, that will be all we have on the Guinness Nigeria Scholarship.

From this article, you can confirm that this is indeed a rare scholarship. Having blessed so many students through the years, we recommend this Scholarship to Nigerian students.

If you qualify for this offer, then make sure you give it a try today.

Remember to drop your comments if you found this article useful or interesting. In all, we do wish you good luck as you explore these offers.

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