Google Podcast Creator Program 2022 ($15,000 stipend)

The Google Podcast Creator Accelerator Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

Google Podcast Creator Program

The Google Podcast Creator Program is a free multi-week podcast accelerator that gives amateur podcasters from all around the globe the creative development and business tactics they need to take their shows to the next level.

PRX will select and guide 6 teams through a rigorous training curriculum from June to December 2022, beginning with an in-person intensive, 16 weeks of training and mentoring, four weeks of autonomous processing, and a final in-person showcase celebration.


  • Selected teams will be given prizes.
  • 20 weeks of podcast training with an emphasis on idea creation, audience growth, and long-term sustainability, including in-person meetups in the middle.
  • A network of industry experts, mentors, program graduates, and guest speakers is available to you.
  • Mentorship and criticism on all parts of their creation on a one-on-one basis
  • A stipend of $15,000 is provided to help with production and operating costs.
  • If appropriate, reimbursement for travel-related expenditures

Google Podcast Creator Program | Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants who have been creating media and podcasts for at least three years are eligible. Specifically, artists that want to go from creative development and into commercial strategy with an existing podcast;
  • Must be able to show success and passion with the current or previous podcast(s) in terms of audience retention and growth, conceptual rigor, podcast diversity, income, and/or collaborations;
  • Must be willing to take a break from production during the show;
  • Represent a diverse variety of regions, backgrounds, points of view, voices, and aesthetics;
  • Teams having a foundation of technological and editorial expertise;
  • Are committed to making their podcast a long-term success by working together, being open to iteration and change, and seeking income and audience development.

How to Apply

They’ve supplied a plain-text version of the application in Google Docs that you may copy if you’d want to work on it offline with your team. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to use the Submittable form to submit your application.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: April 25, 2022

Visit GPCP for more information.

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