Google Kickstart Coding Competition for Youngsters Worldwide 2022

Google Inc. is accepting applications from young people all across the globe for the Kickstart global coding competition, which will take place in 2022.

google Kickstart Coding Competition

Kick Start provides programmers from all over the globe with the opportunity to improve and perfect their programming abilities via online competition rounds. The three-hour rounds include a range of algorithmic challenges created by Google engineers to give you a taste of the technical abilities required for a job at Google (top competitors from our Kick Start rounds may be invited to Google for an interview!).

Their rounds take place at various times throughout the year, making them conveniently accessible to hackers all around the world. Each Kick Start Round is available to all participants, with no requirements for pre-qualification, so you may try your hand at one or all of them.

Worth of Scholarship

  • Through online-hosted competition rounds, the KS Contest allows participants to learn and polish their programming and technical abilities.
  • If you show any interest in future career prospects at Google at the time of registration, you may be contacted by a Google recruiter and offered to apply for a position at Google after the KS Contest is completed.
  • If Google contacts any participants, it will be at Google’s exclusive discretion to identify who they are. Your performance in the KS Contest will determine whether or not you are approached by a Google recruiter. Google has the right to change the eligibility restrictions depending on the number of KS Contest participants.
  • Unless Google agrees differently in writing, if you are given an interview at Google, you may be liable for all travel and fees associated with attending the interview. You understand and agree that an interview invitation is not an offer of employment or a contract with Google.

Google Kickstart Coding Competition | Eligibility Criteria

  • Each Contest is void in Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Quebec, Syria, and where prohibited by law.
  • To participate or win a Contest, you do not need to buy any Google product or service.
  • (A) You must have an Internet connection and a valid email address in order to enter a Contest.
    At any moment, Google has the right to check your eligibility and to decide on any disagreement.
  • You agree to submit Google with any evidence of eligibility that Google may seek, and your refusal or failure to do so within ten (10) days of Google’s request will result in your exclusion from the Contest and loss of any prizes.
  • All contacts between Google and you must be in English, including the Contest website and email exchanges.

How to Apply for the Google Kickstart Coding Competition

You must first establish a profile (“Contest Profile”) before entering a Contest. You will be able to register for Contests when you have established your Contest Profile. When you register for Contests, you will be asked to give further information about yourself.

Each of your Contest registrations may be seen on the relevant Contest websites or in your Contest Profile.

The dates and timings for registration are specified on the Contest websites. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING YOUR TIME ZONE’S CORRESPONDING TIME. By posting an informative notice on the appropriate Contest website, Google may change the registration opening and ending dates. You are responsible for checking the Contest information on the appropriate Contest website on a regular basis.

Before you may participate in a Contest, you must first register for it.

Only one (1) valid Contest Profile may be used to register for a Contest. You may be disqualified if you enter a Contest with several Contest Profiles.

All information entered throughout the profile creation and registration procedure must be accurate, full, and in English.

Deadline: Registrations end at 6:00 p.m. on November 12, 2022. (UTC)

For more information and to apply, go here.

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