Global Science Course Scholarships for Undergraduate Student at Tokyo Japan 2022

The Global Science Course Scholarships are being offered by the University of Tokyo in Japan for undergraduate study beginning in the academic year 2022/2023.

Global Science Course Scholarships

The “Faculty of Science Scholarship” will be granted to all students enrolled to the GSC Undergraduate Transfer Program.

This scholarship will be used to cover the entry fee, yearly tuition costs, and daily living expenses.

Each GSC student will be given a Student Tutor upon arrival.

The tutor will assist students with settling into their new lives in Tokyo, such as registering for housing and creating a bank account.

Students will be assisted by TAs in adjusting to their new academic life at UTokyo, mostly via lab sessions.

For GSC students, a beginner-level Japanese language course is available to assist with day-to-day living in Japan.

In addition to this course, the University offers a variety of Japanese courses at different levels.

While no previous knowledge of Japanese is necessary for admission to GSC, students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many Japanese language study options available during their time in Japan.

Worth of Award

  • During their time as a GSC student, students get 150,000 Japanese Yen each month under this scholarship (for up to two consecutive years).
  • In addition to the monthly scholarship, the University will provide GSC students with accommodation with fully funded monthly rent (for up to two consecutive years). Please keep in mind that all extra expenses, like as utilities and internet, are the responsibility of the student.

Global Science Course Scholarships Requirement

  • Students interested in applying to the GSC Undergraduate Transfer Program must meet the requirements outlined below. Only when the application has been formally submitted online will the GSC Faculty Committee review each candidate individually to determine eligibility.
  • Outside of Japan, prospective students must have completed a minimum of 6 years of secondary (junior and senior high school) education and a minimum of 2 years of post-secondary (university) study.
  • Before enrolling in GSC, prospective students must be full-time university students who have finished or will complete their first two years of undergraduate study at a recognized higher educational institution.
  • Before applying to GSC, prospective students must have completed basic undergraduate-level Chemistry coursework as well as at least two of the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, or Biology.
  • Before applying to GSC, prospective students must have earned a minimum of 62 credits in the Tokyo credit system.
  • (At UTokyo, 2 credits equals 13 weeks of 105-minute lectures.)
  • Because all courses are given in English, prospective students must have an excellent command of the language. Applicants who do not meet either criteria i. or ii. must submit one of the English proficiency test results listed below.
  • Your native or first language is English.
  • For the last eight years, English has been the language of teaching at your secondary and post-secondary institutions.

How to Apply for Global Science Course Scholarships

  • Applicants are required to read and to understand the following application guidelines carefully and prepare the required documents before completing any part of the application form.
  • Please feel free to contact the GSC Administration Office if you have any questions.


  • All parts must be completed in English.
  • Because the online application system only saves completed information at the end, compose your personal statement and gather the relevant papers ahead of time.
  • It is your duty to check that the form has been filled out correctly and that no errors have been made.
  • You cannot make changes to your application after it has been submitted, and we will not react to any requests to amend any aspect of the form.

Deadline: Applications close 17:00, March 24, 2022 (JST)

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