Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance Entrepreneurs 2022

The Lab invites applications for the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance Entrepreneurs in 2022.

Global Innovation Lab

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance network accelerates the development of well-designed financial instruments that can unlock billions for energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, climate-smart agriculture, and deforestation reduction, while also lowering private investors’ risks and improving their financial returns.

Worth of Award

  • If Lab Members choose your idea, you’ll collaborate with a team of analysts, key stakeholders, and experts to:
  • Develop or improve your concept’s mechanics.
  • Comparable instruments should be surveyed to ensure that the final instrument is unique and effective.
  • Create a solid financial model
  • Examine and record any probable social and environmental consequences.
  • Risks and risk mitigation measures are shown on a map.

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You will also

  • Create a clear implementation strategy.
  • Make advertising materials.
  • Present your concept to potential contributors and investors.
  • Obtaining the Lab’s approval is a possibility.

You’ll also get $250,000 worth of analytical and communications assistance.

Global Innovation Lab Requirements

The Lab is searching for new financing solutions that can help unlock investment to address some of the most severe climate and sustainable development concerns, as well as investment possibilities for a net-zero economy.

How to Apply

The official website is where all applications for the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance Entrepreneurs should be submitted.

Deadline: The deadline is Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021 at 17:00 PST

For more Information and to Apply, click here

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