GLO Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

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Sincerely speaking, GLO Nigeria is one company that needs no introduction in Nigeria. Founded by Mike Adenuga, this company has been making waves through the years.

Often shortened as GLO, Globacom is already one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Nigeria. As of today, they are ranked as the second-biggest telecom company in the country.

Well known for mind-blowing data deals, GLO has gathered a large customer base. With over 40 million users nationwide, one can only imagine how rich this company is.

Now, aside from being a Telecomm company, GLO also offers scholarship opportunities to qualified candidates.


Well, don’t be…

So many students have benefited from the GLO Scholarship For Nigerian Students. Even as we speak, more students are blessed with this opportunity.

For coming across this article online, you could even be the next big beneficiary.

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Now, without dragging you around the forest for too long, let us take a look at the GLO Nigeria Scholarship 2022.

Eligibility Requirements For GLO Nigeria Scholarship

Undoubtedly, every scholarship has some entry rules for applicants. Applicants who meet these requirements are often favored during the selection process.

In this section of this article, we will take a look at the eligibility requirements for the Glo Nigeria Scholarship.

Sincerely speaking, this is one of the most important aspects when checking for a scholarship opportunity.

Moreover, this decides the final fate of an applicant. Without taking any more time, let us take a look at the criteria for the Glo scholarship.

Unlike most scholarships out there, the requirements for this scholarship are quite simple.

However, it is still important for students to study this area carefully. To qualify for the Glo scholarship for Nigerian Students in 2022, an applicant must:

  • Be a student of a secondary school or University in Nigeria.
  • Must be a GLO customer.
  • Be a member of the GLO G-Bam Hi 5ive Plan. (Migration, *100*5*1#)
  • Recharge a total of at least N500 per month.

As you can see, the eligibility requirements for the Glo-GBAM scholarship are actually easy.

To qualify for this offer, just make sure you fulfill all the criteria mentioned above.

Eligible Courses/Programs For the GLO Nigeria Scholarship

We all know that most scholarships do have preferred courses. These are the courses that they expect their beneficiaries to study.

To benefit fully from these scholarship opportunities, a student must study one of the preferred courses.

However, the GLO GBAM scholarship is somewhat different. This scholarship is open to all students in all fields of study.

As long as you qualify for the GLO GBAM scholarship, you are good to go. Moreover, this is an open scholarship for all GBAM customers across the nation.

Scholarship Type

There are numerous types of scholarships today.

Moreover, every scholarship body has a unique way of scholarship implementation. As for the GLO scholarship, it is more of a grant.

Giving students enough relief to focus fully on studies, this offer comes with a lot of advantages.

The grant was given by this body actually covers the tuition fees of students. However, extra fees are not normally paid for.

Scholarship Worth

Whenever a scholarship is mentioned, most students often want to find out its worth.

Moreover, not all scholarships are the same. While some scholarships are worth lots of money, some aren’t.

However, that does not apply to the GLO scholarship. Ranked as a top-class scholarship, this scholarship is surely a blessing to beneficiaries.

Moreover, you stand to gain a lot from being selected for this scholarship. Now, let us take a look at what students stand to benefit from this scholarship.

The GLO GBAM scholarship currently offers scholarship opportunities to 1,000 students yearly.

However, these are separated into quarterly offers. As a result, 250 students are selected per quarter for the offer.

These 1,000 students are awarded a scholarship grant of $5,000 each. That should be about N1.5-N2 Million+.

Sounds too good to be true. Right?

Why not give it a try.

Unlike most scholarships out there, this takes a slightly different approach. Selected candidates are contacted quarterly to receive their award grants.

Location To Be Taken

As of 2022, the GLO GBAM Nigeria scholarship takes place fully online.

There is no physical examination hall for this exam. Rather, students take online tests.

After completing an online application and questionnaire, qualified students are then contacted.

So far, thousands of students have benefited from the offer through the years.

How To Apply For The GLO Scholarship For Nigerian Students in 2022

Applying for the GLO scholarship for Nigerian Students in 2022 is quite simple.

However, this process is not to be overlooked.

Through the years, simple mistakes have disqualified promising candidates. To avoid similar encounters, one must read this section of this article with care.

As already said, applying for the GLO Scholarship is quite simple.

One can even complete 90% of the whole process at home.

So, Do you want to find out how to apply for the Glo Nigeria Scholarship in 2022?

Then read on with utmost focus.

To participate in the GLO GBAM scholarship offer, students must complete an online questionnaire.

As of 2022, hardcopy submissions are unacceptable.

Incomplete submissions or errors will be disqualified for this offer.

Moreover, all scholarship bodies disqualify students who make errors in the application.

Upon completion of the online application and questionnaire, selected candidates are then contacted.

Application Process For The GLO Scholarship For Nigerian Students in 2022

Applying for the GLO GBAM scholarship is quite simple.

To carry out the process smoothly, you need:

  • A good computer (Or strong tablet).
  • Stable internet connection (Modem or Hotspot).
  • Power Supply (Battery for laptop)

During your online questionnaire session, the last thing you would want is internet or power issues.

These can lead to incomplete processes.

Moreover, it can also lead to disqualification. For students who do not have access to any of the aforementioned equipment, using a cafe is a nice idea.

To start the application process, students are required to visit the scholarship page.

Application Deadline For The GLO Nigeria Scholarship 2022

Unlike most scholarships, the GLO Nigeria Scholarship doesn’t take place yearly.

Rather, it takes place quarterly. Awarding 1,000 students per year, 250 students benefit every quarter.

Taking place four times per annum, there is always an open offer throughout the year.

With offers like this, students need not worry about application deadlines.

Missed it for the first quarter?

You can always apply for the next one.

Want to find out more scholarships like the GLO scholarship for Nigerian Students in 2022?

Then you should read this section of the article. Else, you can skip to the conclusion right below.

Now, aside from the GLO scholarship opportunity, there are many others. Moreover, all the telecommunications companies in Nigeria offer similar opportunities.

However, without articles like this, one can hardly discover them.

Want to find out more Telecomm scholarships in Nigeria?

Then check out the mini-list below:

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Airtel Scholarship For Nigerian Students in 2022

So far, this is one of the best telecom companies in Nigeria.

However, most students find it hard to discover their scholarships. Truth be told, these companies do offer scholarships.

However, they are mostly not every year. Having helped so many students over the years, Airtel Nigeria is a good source of scholarships to students.

Unfortunately, there is no publicly running scholarship from this company at present. To find out full details about their future scholarships, stay tuned to this blog.

MTN Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2022

Talking about these scholarships, one can not exclude the best telecom company in Nigeria.

As we speak, MTN has hosted similar scholarships in the past.

However, most students know little about these opportunities. To find out more about MTN Nigeria Scholarships, visit their official scholarship page.

In addition, you can subscribe to this blog to get updates whenever they release a new offer.

Final Thoughts On GLO Scholarship

So far, these are the major things you need to know about the GLO Nigeria Scholarship.

Many students have benefited from these opportunities, and you could be next. If you meet the eligibility requirements for this scholarship, do give it a try today.

In addition, make sure you drop your comments below if you found this article useful. Here, we provide numerous articles on scholarship opportunities for African students.

Feel free to subscribe to this blog for more. In all, we do wish you good luck as you apply for the GLO Nigeria Scholarship.

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