Gelia Castillo Award for Research on Social Innovations in Health 2022

The Gelia Castillo Award for Research on Social Innovations in Health 2022 is now accepting applications.

Gelia Castillo Award

The Gelia Castillo Award for Research on Social Innovations in Health (GCARSIH) honors excellent social innovations that solve societal and health-care-system concerns.

The innovators’ experience will help them better understand why and how social innovations work, as well as how to scale up or incorporate these beneficial treatments into the wider health system.

Social innovations in health (SIH) are defined as novel solutions (products, services, models, market mechanisms, and processes) generated by multi-sectoral health system players for the objectives of this Award. The solutions must be able to better meet a health need than current techniques and improve people’s ability to act and take control of their own health. Because social innovations enhance and deepen connections between individuals and result in more efficient use of existing resources, they have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare system.


The following awards will be given to the best health-related innovations:

  • monetary award
  • qualifying for a grant for research and development
  • bundle of training and mentorship

Gelia Castillo Award | Eligibility Criteria

Open to all people, organizations, and institutions in the Philippines who have effectively created and implemented health-related social innovations.

Institutions that may participate include:

  • if it’s public or private
  • the consortium’s members
  • organizations or associations of scientists, technologists, and professionals
  • institutions of higher learning
  • colleges and universities
  • others

Selection Criteria

An external unbiased panel of experts will rate entries that pass eligibility and technical screening based on the following selection criteria:

Degree of Invention (25%) – The innovation takes a fresh approach to address a systemic health concern in its local setting, offering a viable alternative to the status quo.

Significance (15%) – The invention addresses a national or regional health priority in the Philippines (as determined by the National and/or Regional Unified Health Research Agenda), or a localized priority such as a common but ignored health condition in a community, or a marginalized group/ethnic group.

Participatory & Co-owned (15%) – In the creation, implementation, and assessment of the innovation, a participatory approach is visible (i.e. inputs from multiple stakeholders: patients/families, local health workers, local leaders, and other sectors).

Possibilities for More Research or Scale (15 percent ) – There are specific plans in place for the innovation’s ongoing study and development. The idea has the potential to be implemented, duplicated, and scaled up in other communities with comparable issues, or incorporated into the larger health system.

Inclusivity (10%) – The invention has the potential to be utilized by a wide number of individuals, hence improving equality and access.

Effectiveness (10%) – The invention has been shown to have a beneficial impact on the health issue it is addressing.

Affordability (10%) – The solution is more cost-effective than the status quo or the innovation is affordable to the poor who are otherwise excluded in the local environment.

How to Apply for the Gelia Castillo Award

  • Step 1: Fill out the Submission Entry Form, which contains a detailed explanation of the health innovation, a discussion of future plans for sustainability or scale-up, and any necessary attachments.
  • Step 2: On or before May 6, 2022, submit your submission in person, through courier, or via email.

Email: Send to [email protected] with the subject GCARSIH SUBMISSION / /

In-person or by courier: For a list of RHRDC addresses, see the Submission Entry Form.

The application form may be downloaded here.

Deadline: May 6, 2022

Visit the Gelia Castillo Award website for more details.

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