FutureLearn Scholarship for Brilliant Innovators 2022

FutureLearn invites applications for the FutureLearn Scholarship for Brilliant Global Innovators for the 2022 academic year.

FutureLearn Scholarship for Brilliant Innovators

The FutureLearn Scholarship is a fantastic chance for you to make a difference in the world by being the change you want to see.

FutureLearn will provide revolutionary online learning tools and guidance, while you supply the ground-breaking ideas and raw talent.

Worth of Award

As a FutureLearn Scholar you’ll get:

  • FutureLearn and The Open University are offering £4,000 in free learning.
  • You’ll get £1,000 to go towards home study, specialized learning tools, or equipment.
  • Leading industry professionals provide 8 hours of world-class mentoring and coaching.
  • A complimentary 12-month membership to FutureLearn Unlimited will be given to 100 runners-up. For a year, you’ll get unlimited access to all of FutureLearn’s short courses.

FutureLearn Scholarship for Brilliant Innovators Requirements

In the realms of technology, mental health, education, and sustainability, we’re seeking big dreamers, future leaders, blue-sky thinkers, and innovative solution builders.

All you need is a clear vision, unwavering optimism, and creative thinking. Do you believe your passion and ideas have the potential to transform the world?

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How to Apply for FutureLearn Scholarship for Brilliant Innovators

To apply, just respond to the following three questions:

  • Which of our four main topics appeals to you the most?
  • how you’re going to make a name for yourself in it
  • Why is it so thrilling right now?

Deadline: Applications are open.

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